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Recent content by Lady Muffin

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    What's your favorite Anime song?

    Again by YUI (not the dub version which is cut beyond all recongizeable ability) and Shugo Chara's 19 the opening for xxxHOLiC Fuck yeah!
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    Contest: Hypno vs. Musharna

    Hypno. That pokemon was made for michael jackson. Weird body posture? Check. Moonwalks? Check. Famous Nose? Check. Left alone with children even though one really shouldn't? Throw in another fucking- Yo, yo, Hypno and Micheal Jackson, I'm really happy for you and all, and Imma let you finish...
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    Super Happy Fun Random Message Hour! ~`*.v6.*`~

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    Older Games Simple Questions Thread

    Re: Why was Courtney left out of Emerald? Honestly, I wished they made her responsible for Castform but w/e haha. can't have it all I guess. I do find it odd that Shelly was included twice.
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    Sprouse brothers to star in Pokémon commercial: Advertisement to feature HeartGold, S

    Re: Sprouse brothers to star in Pokémon commercial: Advertisement to feature HeartGol I saw the commercial. It was like watching Twilight.
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    Caption the screenshots!

    Pokemon Sleepwear, now ready for whatever occupation you have!
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    Who do you ship Ash with?

    I ship Ash with an Oddish
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    Top Five Favourite Male Anime/Manga Characters

    Gin Ichimaru Walker (DRR) Grimmjow Kaworu Estonia
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    Joey's Rattata it's so good, all of the other pokemon cry for their masters instead. It was even superior to my high heels, something that made Arceus himself wimper. it wins. Forever B)
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    Top Five Favourite Female Anime/Manga Characters

    1. Lust (FMA) 2. Lan Fan (FMA) 3. Asuka Langley Soryu (Evangelion) 4. Momo Hinamori (BLEACH) 5. Aki (Yugioh 5D's) 6. Tayuya/Harumi (Naruto/To Aru Kugaku no Railgun)
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    Super Happy Fun Random Message Hour! ~`*.v6.*`~

    my favorite soda is dr. peppeer hahah
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    What would you say your signature pokemon is?

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    "Pocket Monsters Best Wishes" - coming this fall!

    Oh god. I just wish...they toned down on the hair for Iris. It looks like Cookie Monster mistook her for a snack x.x;
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    Super Happy Fun Random Message Hour! ~`*.v6.*`~

    My hair is to my mid-low back. |D; It's nice that way, and I like tying it up in a bun or pony tail. I guess.
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    Team Plasma

    Re: The villian team. Of course. Not to mention, the only person left is Saturn and even he pulled a about face and decided to become good. The left over grunts of team galatic are...who even knows. Team Plasma can't have any relations with any other team considering how apparently this...