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  • Aww, thats okay^^ I've been on serebii.net lately, anyways (the drama kind of gives it a 'chalange' for me...even though i love the nice people here and wanna be more active again XD is dealing with drama everything? oh well, i did have fun there^^)

    Are you on vacation yet? :) I hope you are doing well!^^

    Also I guess I went on serebii's cuz of the larger fanbase for Dawn. I wanna use Dawn avatars here, too, but, I dunno how people here take to it as well...
    Cynthia is awesome, as i'm learning more now (I didn't like d/p/plt much at first and still didn't really win them yet...i rather not remember why other than not liking them much for some dumb, unrememberable reason. i rather think nice things about the stuff i like now, anyways^^;; ). :) I kind of like how she look's like my childhood friend, Barbie, too....a lot, really.....yeah, I loved those dolls. x.o; And I did mean the dolls, not a person I met in person...they were just soooo pretty, heehee...<3;

    Yeah, it's good you avoid that word. It makes people's senctences sound scary and unaproachable, and, not to mension, immature...I think we're going to get along great.... :)

    Plus, we both love girl power! Girl power forever^^ Ever watched The Powerpuff Girls? :) I loved that show as a kid!!! Plus even if you weren't girly like I was there's Buttercup to relate to, as well XD

    Honistly, i'm used to the lack of 'girly girls' here by now xD; It confuses me, but, ahh well...maybe the reason I still follow pokemon in genneral is my autism @[email protected]; Who know's...

    Society is strange. But I won't even try to understand it...i'll just follow my heart until I learn the best way overall xD; Which I rather discover for myself. It make's it more fun^^
    I rather not get into debates with you too often, though, if that's okay xD; I just felt the need to comment that you at least approch it respectingly, compaired to some other people, in my opinion. Just from what I saw, anyways.
    Although I didn't like Iris much from what I saw (don't take it personal, it's just my own opinion xD; I probably do need to see more anyways), she's cute in your avatar and profile pictures^^

    I dunno, wanna be friends? Your posts on Ghetus-Denis' account seemed nice. :) You debate respectfully and intelegently, in my opinion...not all throwing the word 'hate' around, like other people do, when your displeased by something. That just annoy's me soo much, I feel like ripping my hair out when I read posts like that...I like the way you debate. :)
    Iris has a personality of Misty except she is a little meaner than misty while Dawn has a personality and clothing style that is different than any other character in the Pokemon anime
    If anything, being immature only makes a character even more hatable. Take Groose from Skyward Sword for example, he started as your run-in-the-mill bullies, but as the game progresses, he started acting less like a jerk and became more of a likable memetic badarse. Iris' very little character development and somewhat Mary Sue-ish battle style against Ash at the Don battle got nothing on the Groosenator.
    there are alot of other people that agree with me they are not members of this forum some are and some arent and there are others i am not even to sure on if u think iris is so darn great then why is unova only gonna be around for 3 seasons which would be about 3 years
    How is Dawn bland and boring anyway? Whenever a character stops being who she use to be since his/her debut, it means he/she has gotten into some character development. Dawn use to a somewhat drama queen during her first days as a trainer, she then matures during the middle of the series. Iris, on the hand, is not only a poor woman's version of Misty, but she also poses a threat to stealing a spot any popular Pokegirl (not just Dawn) to be the representation of the female trainer for the next Smash Bros. title for the Wii U and 3DS. I don't think the writers are ever going to give her actual character development until after the Unova league in the last minute, which shows the sign of laziness.
    On second thought, you just made me remember why I VM'd you. It's because of your dislike for Dawn and preference over Iris is the reason why I do not wish to see Iris in SSB because she stole not only Dawn's spotlight, but also Hilda's.
    Because in order for a Pokemon character to appear in SSB, they have to be popular in the anime (that's how Jigglypuff got in). Iris is slowly gaining more popularity than Dawn in the anime, and my hopes of seeing as a representative of a female trainer withers. My apologies if you ask for this because I had to get it out of my system whenever I see Iris.
    Because of Iris, my dream of seeing Dawn in the next Smash Bros. game as a representation of the female trainer is destroyed, and I will never forgive her for that.
    Welcome to Bulbagarden! I'm Master Mew and I pretty much live over in the Roleplaying Forum. Hopefully we'll be seeing a lot of each other; if you have any questions, or just wanna chat, shoot me a PM anytime!

    Master Mew
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