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  • Right on :b ! Fire is up there in my type preferences, but my favorite's psychic. Dark and ghost are cool, too.

    Oh :D ! That sounds much better XD . I can't believe I didn't know that. Cool. Thanks!
    Awesome! I've always thought Cyndaquil was really cute, too.

    Yeah, it's annoying. I just ask my friends if I can play their games when I hang out with them :p . It's my rare chance ta play stuff like Pokemon, or Mario Kart. I like going ta arcades, too! They're really cool.

    Smash... is that the musical-drama?
    Well the game takes a bit of time to start up(about 30 mins)before things really get going

    the next dvd doesn't come out till April
    Then you are lucky us Aussies have to wait till May for our next one
    It's so amazing! I have 7 different Slender games. I'm a serious 'fraidy cat sometimes, like while watching ZeXal. I'm terrified of a certain character in episode 20. Nope, I fail at games unless I practice all the time :p .

    Yeah, I'm really impatient. Me too. I'm really curious. I can't afford video games, but it's alright cause I enjoy indie horror games like Slender much better. I'd probably pick Fennekin if I could, though, since I like fire Pokemon. Which starter are you gonna pick?
    Oh! I haven't seen much of the show, but I do think that she gets stronger and smarter after she realized what Joffery did to her. I really just named my Vulpix Sansa because its appearance makes me think of her, but now that I think about it Ninetales becomes a lot stronger after evolving, so I guess it does fit her. :)
    Who is your favorite GoT character, also do you read the books?
    YEAH!!!! No one deserves ta be in more movies more than it! I know! It's the boss of the bosses :D ! Oh, I mainly watch the subs that are online. Wow, that's surprisingly late. That's good, waiting sucks :p . Eh, well I worship it, but most people don't seem ta enjoy it. It doesn't make a very good impression on many, but once ya watch a while into it, I think it gets really good. ZeXal's my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh!. Have you ever played Slender: The Eight Pages?
    Yeah, I usually get some off my friend at school. XD But thanks for the address. ;3

    Mhmm, I don't understand the whole cross-breed relationship thing. :I
    Yeah, I usually get some off my friend at school. XD But thanks for the address. ;3

    Mhmm, I don't understand the whole cross-breed relationship thing. :I
    Yes I would be willing to trade a Deoxys with you. I already have DW female of Vulpix, Shroomish and Poliwag. Can you offer any other event Pokémon to trade?
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