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  • Yeah, it's a shame. It's awesome ta have friends ta cheer you up. I love Yu-Gi-Oh! so fricking much!! Of Duel Monsters my favorite characters are Yugi, Marik, and Bakura. Of ZeXal, my favorite of the series, my favorite character's Yuma. I haven't watched much of the anime XD . I'M SO FLIPPING EXCITED FOR MEW-FREAKING-TWO TO BE IN THE 16TH MOVE :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sweet, we both share common interests. even though idk where to buy pocky... Thank you!
    I don't have wifi so I can't trade. ;; Buut no problem, and go ahead and friend me! <3
    Awe, feel better soon. Cool! I've only seen the 1st series, too. Italy's one of my favorite characters :D ! That's so cool! It's one of the anime I enjoy most, along with others like Pokemon, and especially Yu-Gi-Oh!!
    Hey no problemo. I enjoy making new members feel welcomed around here, cause a lot of us are friendly folk. Plus I always enjoy making new friends. That's good that you're already enjoying the site, cause it can be a lot of fun. Hope you hang around for a long time.
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