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    SPOILERS: What do you NOT like about LGPE?

    I'm absolutely loving the game so far but the lack of wonder trade and GTS and the fact that they're now asking us to PAY for this lack of features is pissing me off. All I want is a goddamn low level Oddish, I shouldn't have to come to an online community to set up a trade to get one. This is...
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    LGPE LF a female Oddish

    Hey guys, Playing LG Eevee and really wanted a Vileplume for my team, silly me should've checked the version exclusives, lol. I need a female Oddish, preferably low level and with a Modest, Quiet or neutral nature Can offer LGE exclusives Bellsprout or Ekans, I'm not far enough in game to...
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    I really want to rant about...

    I want to rant that I feel a rather big disappointment toward Sun & Moon, and as a result I'm feeling pretty disconnected from the fandom right now (because most people seem to think these are the best games ever, for reasons beyond my comprehension). It's depressing, because Pokemon is my most...
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    How would you fix Unown (No this isn't a joke thread)

    Do they need fixing? They're a gimmick Pokemon with a lot of mystery behind them; a relic from a Pokemon Past where GF weren't afraid to give us creepy dungeons and spooky 'mons that didn't necessarily have a massive game-changing plot tied into them. They just *were*, and that was enough...
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    Generation IV Remake Speculation

    I'd like to see Team Skull in Sinnoh if only to watch Guzma clash with Cyrus. One team leader is fourth-wall-breakingly, swaggeringly hilarious, the other has a rod so far up his butt it's amazing he can move. Plus Cyrus has the Sideshow Bob quality if taking himself *way* too seriously, so...
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    What did you NOT like about Sun&Moon?

    That's an inaccurate comparison. This is not a 'back in my day' complaint. This is a 'they took something that required you to use your brain and made it so you don't have to use your brain' complaint. Learning the type chart through time, trial and error is (was) part of the fun of the game...
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    [Leak/Rumour] Generation 8 Details

    It sounded kinda cool right up until 'Mewthree'. Then again Gamefreak gave Solgaleo and Lunaala a common prevo this gen and if someone had 'leaked' that beforehand I would've instantly called BS, so what the hell. I know nothing Jon Snow I would like a region based on Britain though, that'd be...
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    got one - thanks!
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    Hi guys, For a breeding project on Y version I'm in urgent need of a Mamoswine (or prevos) or Beartic (or prevo) that knows Icicle Crash. Males preferred, bonus if they have good IVs. A good excuse to get rid of your breedjects :) I'm a breeder so have a decent amount of 31 IV/good nature...
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    What did you NOT like about Sun&Moon?

    -I know I'm in the minority here, but I *really* didn’t enjoy the transition from chibi to full-scale player character. Fashions look less cute, and Gamefreak haven’t yet learned how to animate walking without the PC looking like a robot, arms and legs stuck stiffly out in front. Running was...
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    Pokemon Game in 2017

    I'm honestly hoping that whatever Pokemon 'Stars' is, it's some kind of spin-off, or a HD version of Sun/Moon, or Sinnoh Remakes. Updated Alola on new hardware would make me sad because I don't want a split region (or even a split gen tbh). I hope GF either 'polish' Sun/Moon into a third or...
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    GEN VI: nothing for now, thank you

    bump for volcanion
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    Do you have any unpopular opinions about the anime?

    It's funny, back in series 1 I remember thinking Ash was a brat. He was impulsive and reckless and rude, and honestly didn't come off as too intelligent, but his saving grace was that he truly cared about Pokemon and had a great bond with his 'mons, perhaps more than anyone else in the show...
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    Help with starters?

    You can't transfer old Pokemon to Sun/Moon using Bank until January, when it updates. Also Bank only takes hatched Pokemon, not eggs, sorry :/