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  • Hi I noticed your profile picture is Gold from Pokemon Adventures. Do you read the series?
    I wish it wasn't, personally, because it's really boring. xD But that's most likely just because of the teacher.
    Nope. The closest I'll have to that will be an economy class next semester when I will start that human sciences program. Although we do have imposed classes, like gym, philosophy and French.
    Lol, I would have loved having such a math teacher back in high school. Though now I don't have to do maths ever again (not in an educational setting at least) so that's nice. :>
    I haven't been to active aol either...

    I've been good! Had some ups and downs, but I'm alright~
    ew maths. These are really well drawn! I'm impressed. (And Solution Squad kinda reminded me of the X-Men.)
    What kind of comic are you working on?

    I started a general program because I didn't really know what to do but I decided to go into human sciences next semester since I took an history class this semester and I love it. I'm not sure which program I'll choose in university, though.
    Indeed, but it's pretty much only good things that happened so I'm not complaining. College is really fun so far. :D

    Sounds like you've been having fun! It's awesome that you get to do what you love as a living.
    Are you busy with college?

    A lot happened while you were gone! I started driving, graduated high school, got my first job, started college and recently came out to a good part of my family. This is a busy year.
    Well, you're an old enough member to make people wonder where you disappeared to ;p but thank you. :3 How have you been?
    A lot can happen in six months. :p But yeah, I've been modding the War Room for a little more than 6 months now.
    Your avi's like

    Holy shiznit man its in 3D. Wow, everythings red, blue and purple… Is there an off switch on this?
    It's nice :).
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