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  • Hey, sorry for the delay. I've had exams so I had to go completely cold turkey with the forums. I have terrible self discipline!

    Ugh, I was studying in a classroom just yesterday and somebody like that came. Some friends from my class who had the same exam in an hour and then a couple others who were just going on the internet/chatting/laughing/shouting etc. were there. Their friend waltzed right in, almost shouting. I said to the people I was with "people in this college are so loud.." as a matter of fact thing - they all generally are. But she took it personally, got an attitude about it, asked if I was speaking specifically about her. I was like "uh, no, I'm making a general comment". She went about her business muttering threats and asking her friends if they knew anything about me. Cannot believe the audacity and lack of concern some people have - we were in a classroom in the middle of exams trying to study. Usually that kind of thing would ruin my mood but I just had to roll my eyes and get back to preparing, I just thought she had to be pretty insecure to take everything so dang aggressively. Very glad I don't have to keep going there now, I'm tired of holding my tongue about others being blatantly inconsiderate. u___u

    Aw, I'll try! Ah, I almost had to have braces... My teeth straightened on their own as soon as the possibility was mentioned, haha. xD Can you still play it? I played the clarinet for a bit when I was really young. My school had free lessons (my dad told me if I wanted to try the saxophone, I had to prove myself with the clarinet first??), but once those lessons stopped it became too expensive. I actually tried to play acoustic guitar for a bit when I was about ten, but as I'm left handed it took twice as long to translate what my dad was trying to teach me and I gave up when I couldn't have lessons. >__> Uggh wasps >__< I hate them! I think I would fly too if I could, though. It seems so liberating, as much of a cliché as that is.
    LavenderTownGhost! :D I hope it wouldn't be out of line if I said I missed you.

    I've been really engrossed in RPG Maker over the last few days and actually haven't touched my 3DS. My brother put in a request for me to breed a deino, too. I've thought paleontology and archaeology are pretty cool, too. I can't figure out if Cranidos and Rampardos are raptors. We could still go with stegosaurus, icthyosaur and even dimetrodon. My team as a whole is nowhere near that,but I did import all my lv.100s using PokeTransfer. I'm enjoying Pokemon Amie, too. Dare I say it's cute. Too bad you don't live closer or I'd let you use my PWT.

    Wow. Does Nintendo or a third party do that?

    The new megas are interesting, but I'm still waiting for some Metagrossite. I'd be so excited about my shiny metagross getting some.
    Ah, that sounds like a plan. xD And a creative one at that, heck if I want to be productive I just draw nothing too fancy. :B

    10 more minutes...:zzz:

    Aw, he had such a thoughtful friend in you huh? x)
    And most of mine are dog people. I suppose that has something to do with it. Since few of my acquaintances own cats, I have fewer good experiences with them to shape my opinion.

    I'm playing it on my 360, but it's also for the PS3 and PC. Lot of games I can play now that I couldn't before since I got a 360.

    A little bare-bones, but that's understandable. Pretty standard early-trailer stuff. I'm just hoping we get some clean art pretty soon.
    Well, we should try and correct each others' misgivings :p I used to be scared of dogs, but after we got our lab I did a complete 180. I love dogs to pieces now,

    Those are indeed good games :p Great, even. Infinite is a phenomenal game, probably one of the best of the last generation. Great story, extremely fun, gorgeous... there are very few flaws with it.

    Somewhat, though I don't expect I'll be paying much attention to it beyond checking out highlights.
    At least you're getting better, as well! :)

    Oh yes! The Lion King taught me so many valuable life lessons and I just love everything about it! Haha I'm not mad, but you should really watch it! :)

    Did you get to watch E3? What did you think of it? :D I was in orchestra class and I watched it on my phone. It would've been better if I was at home watching it. That was a really nice OR/AS trailer! I'm kind of dissapointed with the lack of Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem news.

    Oh yeah the CoroCoro scans! I really like Sceptile's mega evo; it's about time it got powered up!

    I have a pic of my cosplay wip that I took about 3 days ago!
    I carved it a little more and got the jaw to move! I can't wait 'til I have time to work on it again!! Gotta get these tests out of the way first! :)
    I agree too. Brendan looks okay but at least they did a fine job with May. ^^

    OR/AS are number uno on my list. :) I'm also excited for: Hyrule Warriors, Zelda and Super Smash Bros. :D
    that's good. :)

    I saw the new May too. She looks awesome! i'm glad they decided to keep her. ^^

    Me too! ORAS will be epic! Did you watch Nintendo's e3?
    Oh that still fun regardless depending how you go at it! So are you planning on being a youtuber or something of the like, or is this just for fun ? ^^

    I'm totally with you! I might even....zzzzz.

    He hasn't ever opened up to me in the year that I've known him. It's never been his thing really, he much rather be a silly person who comes up with a plethora of ideas to work on and keep him busy. x)
    Just enjoying my summer. :)

    That was so sweet of you to give the cat a new home. :)

    They already announced her new design? :O

    Thanks. :)
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