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  • Eh, you don't suck, you just don't get into the more competitive aspects. Which is fine. ^^
    Same! :C As for Super Training, I find it much less tedious than EV training. And you don't have to worry about running into a shiny you don't want or are otherwise unable to catch. xD
    I agree. xD I wonder if Pokémon-Amie will be returning, too ... and Super Training.
    Oh what kind of Let's Play will it be? Cause I know you can do like a million things with Pokemon. xD

    I actually wonder if there is a group on here now.

    No problem! :) And with him, I can never tell what's going on in his head so who knows. :lol:
    I certainly hope so! I'm pretty fond of her already.

    That must be nice. Most cats I've met have been rather mean, unfortunately, and I get rather antsy around cats for that reason. I'm afraid I'll get scratched or bit.

    Anyway, played any good games lately? I bought a bunch of games recently and am currently playing Bioshock Infinite and loving it.
    Thanks :) I like her a lot. I'm glad to hear it. I know how stress can be.

    Haha, she sounds like a good cat, from what I know from my limited experience with them.
    Oh a let's play of what?

    And hell I've been meaning to start a trade shop for years as well, the thought of work is a deterrent. :lol:

    I'll PM that.
    Hey!! :D You left a blog post saying you were going to be off for a few weeks, so I hope you're doing okay! :)

    I'm feeling much much better! I've been taking antibiotics and I'll be done in about 4 days! Oo are you taking medicine for it? I remember I got ear infections frequently as a kid.

    *gasp* My favorite Disney movie is The Lion King, too! :D Followed by Mulan, Tarzan and one more I'm forgetting.

    Nintendo's E3 day is on Tuesday!! I'm really looking forward to news on Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem and OR AS! How about you? :)

    Btw, I'm making a cosplay! Do you know the character Haku (in his dragon form) from Spirited Away? Here he is just in case:
    I actually hadn't even thought of the possibility that they wouldn't include it. They'd better. >:C
    Welcome back! :)

    Cool we're buddies now~! ♪

    That's how I started. ^^ And well you'll need to look up the EVs actually. Bulbapedia has them listed. Or use a guide like this to hunt down specific mons. Though one day I need to sit down and write a full out blog about this in full detail to make things easier to understand for new comers to iv breeding/ev training but I'm a slacker. xD
    I hope so too. Wow, I didn't even think of OR/AS customization! I'm curious to see what they come up with! (not that I'd play as the boy anyway)
    Thanks! And we don't know, some kind of mix; you can see in my blog. Sorry to hear about your stress, I hope you feel better :(

    Oh, neat! What sort of cat?
    I'm doing well. Just got a new puppy, just graduated from high school, and next month I'll be working in El Salvador and visiting Britain. Gonna register for community college soon too. How have you been?
    Same here. I hate math textbooks--- but I love math :p

    Haha thanks! I'll aim to be the best, like no one ever was. That's cool, you have your own channel then? Tell me about it. For such a heavenly and magical place there sure was a lot of dying xD Yeah that game could get pretty competitive. Just when you think you are about to cross the finish you get bashed by a red shell lol #RageQuit. But the memories are never gone, they stay inside you and remind you of the good times that you had. Yeah forget Mega-Kyogre and Mega Groudon, Robo-Kyogre and Robo-Groudon is where it’s at :p I remember the Citadark Isle theme initially creeped me out as a kid and I would rush to clear the area, but after a while it just grew on me. I know what you mean, thinking about them reminds me of the good things about my childhood. Sometimes I wish I could just relive it all.
    My XD team I’ll remember forever: Espeon, Ursaring, Arcanine, Ampharos, Lapras, and Walrein (which I eventually switched out for Salamence). Did you ever manage to beat the Orre Colosseum? I’m currently working to recreate this team competitively in Pokemon X. Hey you remember the battle sims and battle bingo? They taught me all sorts of cool battle tricks. In Colosseum it was: Espeon, Umbreon,Typhlosion, Quagsire, Hitmontop, and Heracross.
    Indeed! I'm kinda bummed the boy doesn't get nearly as many neat clothes (at least, in my opinion).
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