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  • Absolutely not its perfectly fine :)

    I've been pretty good. I've been finding myself sleeping quite a lot during the day though. I stay up late watching videos and playing games then I regret it afterwards >_<

    Are you a fan of any anime series? Only anime I have enough of an attention span to watch is Sailor Moon. If you haven't ever watched it you should give it a try whenever you have the time, mainly the original English subbed. I started watching the dubbed version when I was 4 on Cartoon Network so that one will always hold a special place in my heart but either than that a lot was censored.

    I'm assuming your excited for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire? I can hardly contain myself with the excitent xD. I would say generation 3 holds a lot of memories for me and is one of my absolute favorite generations. The region was beautiful in my opinion. The games released were great, Pokémon Colosseum and XD were great. I really hope they do these games the justice they deserve. One of the biggest things I'm hyped about is nighttime in Hoenn since the gen 3 games never had that feature xD
    Haha yeah that's true!
    I know right break dancing seems really awesome. I guess that's why they use those hats? haha
    I know right? Remember the scene with the 'lights' that climb Big G's back? :D

    Yeah, and FoMT also links to HMDS. You get Vespa in FoMT and there's a grave for "The Harvest King" which includes the name of the player from FoMT, or if the FoMT cartridge had been linked to AWL, the AWL PC :p
    I went to the dog and cat shelter to donate the food and gosh I didn't even feel like attempting to pet a cat. There was one cat that was out and walked passed another's cage and the caged one tried to scratch the non-caged one! I also saw haha....a cat mating with his toy in his cage.....XD

    Since today is Monday, how was Godzilla for the second time? :) I woke up with a stiff neck today and I still have it. :/ I'm definitely not going to school tomorrow.
    I did not do anything at all today and the day went by so slowly!

    I'm recovering from my sinus! :D I really need to get all better before important tests!

    Random question: What's your favorite Disney film?
    Aww but Chomper is adorable! Where's Estranja come from?


    I still haven't forgot he got his arse handed to him by a Snivy, that alone was sad imo. xD And bleh challenging the league takes too long, I prefer the restaurants. :p And sure! My FC is 4554-1270-5039.

    Yeahhh that's how it went here, users tossed around "IVs" and "EVs" a lot that I was like "whaaaaat? I don't geddit ;A;".
    Indeed they are. xD I even got to go on a tour and got a free shirt! :)

    Neat. :) I hope you enjoy it. :D

    Classics are neat to look at. There is just something that the classic autos have that cars today lack. ^^

    I hope to go see Godzilla today. :)
    Yeah, I think so, too. I also want to breed and train Armaldo after Kabutops, if you'd like one, too. What kind of fossils do you think the next generation will have? I think eventually,we'll see stegosaurus or dimetrodon. Maybe an Icthyosaur or raptor. Or was Gen 4's already a raptor? My Delphox and Talonflame already got to Level 100. I did do the world tournament, I liked the one with each region's gym leaders.

    Wow, I just have like a little $60 camera.

    I was able to bring my flawles ditto up into Gen 6, it makes breeding a whole lot faster, even though I did breed a few flawless pokemon before that. IV breeding is actually pretty easy if you're patient. Oh, Hidden Ability was introduced in Gen 5, and is a bit harder to get, but like Exploud's (Scrappy), some can be pretty cool. Blaziken's is awesome, too. Speed Boost.
    Yeah, I guess we are sleep deprived buddies now. Well if all else fails I could just pick up a Bio textbook XD

    Yes I do, but I am still relatively new to competitive battling. That's ok, Pokemon is much more than just competition (in truth it lacks as a competitive game in general with the huge luck factor). Mario Kart XDXD I l loved playing online on that game (Rainbow Road was freaking epic) but I can't anymore now that the Wi-Fi connection is shut off for the Wii :( Yup gotta love him and his third person xD. Well I'd ship the SS Libra with Robo-Kyogre (see what I did there?) ofc. But really, let's see... I think maybe Rui and Michael. OMG yes the soundtracks! My personal favs are Relic Forest and Citadark Isle themes. I also loved the music from when Phenac City was taken over. It was so ominous and foreboding. And pretty much all the Colosseum themes from Colosseum. What was your first team in each, if you remember?
    No problem! We are friends after all :) Thank you for the advice. I searched it up and it seems interesting and quite scientific. I'll see if it works for me.
    When you are sleep deprived you'll be surprised at what places (and things) can make a comfy bed XD Yikes! that must have been awful :( I've struggled since high school but that doesn't seem like much compared to what you've been through. I hope you get healthy soon. Hang in there!

    Yeah, although I wish I had entered into the competition this year. I could have saved myself a plane ticket XD You played XD too! Awesome :D I also miss Chobin and Kaminko. Haha that sounds cool, I've never tried Orre ships before. IKR, Cipher's still out there! Mhmm, and the music effects for each move! And ofc the hilarious animations of the Pokemon fainting (Zangoose and Kadabra XD) Good times.
    Well, that's good! ^^

    I think I used a Haxorus once. I can't remember though. And yeah, Dragonair is pretty~ Dragonite ... not so much. qwq
    Yes I did. I went the Shelby Museum. I got to see all the Shelby cars from the late 50's to today. The famous Cobra was there as well. :)

    Wow! Well I'm glad you and your mom enjoyed it. :)

    Do you like cars? :)
    I consider it as canon as a Kaiju film is: they make reference to it in another Godzilla film explaining the Americans mistook Zilla for Godzilla and Godzilla later fights her. Said fight and another. I like Zilla's design and the differences now that she's no longer "Godzilla": the speed and digging abilities really make her stand out. The only issue was, again, the name "Godzilla".

    Aye :3 HM64 was awesome, I still play FoMT and AWL was a good game, if the characters a bit flat. I'd have loved it if you could provoke other characters into a relationship with the other two girls or ignore them and let them remain single, just to give them a bit of a happy ending, I'm glad HMDS lets them have a happier ending.

    Yeeey :L
    Hm, not sure honestly. I really like Hoenn and how diverse and expansive it is, but Johto and Sinnoh are great too imo. How about you?
    Aye, unless they're going against the original premise. Like the 1998 Godzilla movie: I don't hate Zilla, I just hate the billing as "remake". It was nothing like the original and Zilla was just a wild animal rather then the personification of a nuclear weapon.

    Yup :p Too bad the more recent games are going the lighter and softer route ;3;

    My 3DS FC is 2707-1807-2925 :L
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