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  • Yeah... I went to sixth grade at an elementary school and even that was pretty bad. Actual middle school would have been worse.

    Well, that's their loss, isn't it? Pokemon is ageless, and life without Pokemon is like life without breathing :p

    I guess my love of animals started pretty young as well. I was born in San Diego, and my dad would often take me to the zoo. It was my favorite thing! San Diego has the best zoo in the country, really. I'd love to go back someday.

    Oh, you write? What sort of stuff?
    I was homeschooled mostly for health issues myself, albeit mental. Sixth grade wasn't a good time for me. But yeah, I've been a mod for four years now, and I like to think I've done my part to give back to the Bulba community.

    My sister and I always get the opposite versions. I got White, she got Black, I got Y, she got X, etc.

    What would you like to do, yourself? I know you've talked about meteorology or psychology, but what about those fields attract you? I don't think I'd have much success in those; those sorts of sciences aren't my forte. It's animals or writing for me :p
    If you ever have trouble sleeping, just do what I do, and listen to some music that's very calm and gentle. like Music Boxes on Youtube. here's on that always works for me. Pokemon Music Box Medley
    It was invaluable when I was in "middle school" since I was homeschooled at the time and Bulba was really my only reliable social outlet. This site is very important to me, as you can tell by my sticking around for five years and counting. It's helped me grow a lot socially, and being a mod has helped temper me and make me more mature and responsible, so I really do owe a lot to Bulba.

    I got a 3DS back in December of 11, I think? I bought Y the day it came out although I haven't picked it up in a while. I'm replaying White right now.

    I certainly agree with that! I got to scuba dive in Honduras over Thanksgiving, and it was almost magical. I managed to get certified while there, too, which was a big bonus.
    If you're tired, get some rest! It's not healthy ito deprive yourself from the sleep you lost.
    I interact mainly online because it's more comfortable for me. I can talk a lot more eloquently and it's easier for me to converse. In that respect Bulbagarden has been quite valuable to me.

    I've wanted to play it! But I haven't been able to find it anywhere, unfortunately.

    I only used wifi for Pokemon, but it was still great to log onto the GTS for the first time and send out a Pokemon to be traded.

    Yeah, I visited the Keys in 2012 and once I saw the coral reefs I knew that I wanted to work with the ocean, and preferably with reefs. I'm hoping to move either to Florida or Newport, Oregon to work with NOAA once I've gotten my qualifications.
    I just prefer to be nice to people, I guess. I mean, I'm pretty shy and quiet IRL but I try not to seem outright misanthropic.

    I never played Colosseum, but I did love XD. Still have it around somewhere.

    Yeah, there are threads in Video Games and elsewhere for that exact purpose. WFC was shut down but XY's GTS and online is still kicking.

    I like Corsola mostly because I love coral. Coral and relatives like jellyfish. I'm hoping to work with those kinds of animals for a career.
    Well, far be it from me to reject praise, even for something so simple as kindness.

    That was only in LeafGreen, though. In Y Moltres was a pain. Had to fight it three times (after chasing it around) because it kept breaking free and then Struggling itself to death.

    Trade evolutions used to be a hassle to get, but the GTS and PSS have really been godsends in that respect. Those sorts of Pokemon aren't any more trouble for me.

    My favorites are a toss-up between Totodile (my first Pokemon), Fearow, Swampert, Magnemite, Arcanine, Flygon, Vaporeon, Corsola, and Crobat. I tend to prefer Water-types in general.
    No need to thank me, I'm happy when things work out for a friend :)

    Yeah, Articuno was a pain. the other birds weren't nearly as much so. Moltres in particular only took a few Ultra Balls.

    So, what Pokemon are your favorites? I have something of a rotation with mine.
    That's great! I'm super glad :)

    I had a similar experience with Articuno. Ran out of balls except a few Poke Balls, one of which ended up working. I was a little pissed at it for making me blow all that money, honestly.
    Yeah, my friend's chemo got held up several times as well :/ I hope things work out soon in that respect! Having to wait to get treatment for anything is hardly fun, let alone for something like leukemia.

    That's actually why I caught that Crobat. Got Mean Look and Confuse Ray on it to counter legendaries that try to flee. It's worked out on more than one occasion, but when it doesn't Quick Balls do the trick. Timer Balls require more patience, but I've gotten Rayquaza, Giratina, Kyurem, and more with them. They definitely work wonders.
    Ah, I'm sorry to hear you've been having to go through that. One of my best friends has struggled with leukemia for all his life, so I know how much of a hardship it is, and have a great deal of admiration for those who do struggle with it. Sorry if that sounds patronizing or anything, I really do admire those who have fought that terrible a disease, I think it's really brave ^^;

    Most of my expenses in-game tend to be either Quick Balls or Timer Balls, specifically for catching legendaries. Honestly, I think they're probably the most valuable commodities in the game.
    I was diagnosed in 2000, along with ADHD. I enjoy educating people about it, because it helps to foster better understanding and acceptance of the disorder (and dissuades people from buying into the stuff organizations like Autism Speaks spout). It's actually the reason for my current avatar (Eiji Nizuma from Bakuman) - I indentify pretty closely with him, and he displays many traits consistent with a diagnosis of Asperger's or autism.

    I've got a ton of Pokemon transferred from previous games, so it's a good few hundred. The legendaries are the biggest hassle, but then that's why God gave us the GTS.
    She really liked me. Maybe cuz I was the least trouble of all the special ed kids ^^; Asperger's isn't a disorder that's very strenuous on those working with it.

    I always tryyyyy to fill the dex? But I've never managed it :/ Got close in White2, but then Y came out.
    Yeah, I got Crystal as well, from a special ed teacher way back in second grade. Don't have it anymore, but it probably wouldn't work anymore even if I did.

    I've always nicknamed my Pokemon ever since 2009, which is when I got my first DS and Platinum. I don't name all my Pokemon (I try in the beginning but I usually end up not bothering as my boxes fill up with more and more Pokemon), but I always make sure to name team members. Sometimes I'll theme names, like in Y where all my Pokemon were given French names.
    My first game was Gold way back in... 2000, I think? But Gen III was the one I really grew up with. I still have the copy of Sapphire I got in 2004, and the Swampert and Crobat I used in it have both been transferred forward through three generations now. They're pretty old! And named SWAMPERT and CROBAT, because that was when I thought naming my Pokemon wasn't cool, like the schmuck I was.
    You seem like a pretty cool person! And, I gotta admit, being a Gen III fan is enough to make you cool in my book :p
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