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  • OMG so busy! Work was insane for a couple weeks and now I have the flu and bluh bluh I'm so exhausted X|
    Library getting busy huh?

    Well I've been on my trip for two weeks, today I arrived in Paris, pretty big city
    Mostly looks good, although you haven't gotten the ship quite yet. It's the one you're going to be raiding in the start if the game. Also, you don't need to have the ship's capabilities under your techniques. I mean, you can if you really want too, but you could also put it under the Other section and have more techniques.
    It should be big. Also, the one you'll be getting is probably one of the best ships in the galaxy. Also, the main power source is alive. I'll be controlling that bit, but it won't come up for a while. Otherwise, go nuts.
    Well I'm still a bit nervous though xD I'll have to be in a plane for like 8 hours.
    I got used to the carts. I don't mind the job too much, but it's a job. If it was fun, my boss wouldn't need to pay me. I am going to college soon. Bleh. I've been in school for long enough already. And seven years? That's a long time to be in college. How are you a teen librarian, though? You're like 20 something,
    You bastard I fukken hate you so much. That sounds like a really cool job. I just push carts around all day. A dude dressed as a pirate comes in sometimes, that's the only cool part.
    I think I'm gonna replace him with a vampire rock star who killed and ate tigers and bears with his bare hands in a bit. But thank you. I have an English Mastiff. He wouldn't have spells because he's not all that smart.
    Busy as hell xD I've got all my final tests tomorrow, the good thing is that I'm going on vacation on monday so yay!
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