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  • Announcing the National Bulbagraphic photography contest, open to entries from New Pokémon Snap and Sword and Shield, with prizes for the winners! A thread with all the details on how to enter can be found here.
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  • Oh... woah, thanks xD I've never had anyone call it beautiful before... I wish I had a scanner as my pencil art is much better than my digital art... I will have to steal my boyfriends scanner. xD

    o: Did you get banned off dA then?

    And oh, awesome :D
    Yes indeed, I felt like registering with a bit of class. Besides, because I recently received Platinum for my birthday I called myself "Plato" for a bit of a laugh. Nice to meet you :) Do you have MSN?
    Hehe.. that Ampharos is not a plush, it's a clay figure I made, but thanks for the comment, and also for the add.
    I haven't been there, I live in good old Mexico City, but anyway if you like Mexico, wherever the place, it is alright for me. Don't forget to tell me if you drop by someday.

    I see you're new here, so welcome!!
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