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  • Heatran works I guess. I like Scizor too, I might go with him. I'm probably going to make a bunch of red pokemon, then interchange them as needed.
    Oh yeah, that sucks too. Well, there are plenty of red pokemon to use, and not all of them are shiny either. Like Flareon or something.
    Yeah, though I don't need all shinies. Thanks for the suggestions though, I've been too lazy to look through the list of all shinies. Shiny Drapion would be good, and I'm actually pretty good with using him. I like shiny Infernape though, where his brown fur turns red. Thanks for the suggestions!
    Yeah, Shiny Gyrados and Shiny Ponyta look awesome IMO. I tried for ponyta, but I went for abra eventually, and I'm not going for Gyrados with HGSS coming, especially since you can't radar Gyrados. I like shiny Smeargle too. If I make a team with all red pokemon, he'd be my lead, because he has the red paintbrush.
    Shiny Cubone? Nice one. Personally, I like the shinies that follow a Red color scheme, and the ones that are blue and yellow.
    Yeah, I hate that. And I think it's Pachirisu, but it doesn't really matter. I kept trying to chain Abra, but those damn starlys and bidoofs. I did catch one too, but it was the wrong nature. :(
    I think they could have done something with the Wind Waker or with the 4 different links for his FS. And he should have gotten the deku leaf too. It could blow the air around on the ground, but when used in the air, it acts like Peach's umbrella.
    Yeah, and I heard Falcon Knee got nerfed too. TL is awesome though, I wish that they hadn't made him a clone. There are all sorts of ideas to use from Wind Waker, Four Swords, and Minish Cap. Remote bombs anyone?
    Wolf is great IMO if you can use him right. I love pulling off some of his spikes just right and KO'ing my opponent. Toon Link is fun too, mostly because he has the pogo-stick-hop where you can never knock him out. Yeah, Jiggly got a power down for SSBB. I used to be good with Sheik, Peach, and Samus too, but I couldn't get them down in Brawl.
    I prefer Wolf, Toon Link, and Luigi in that order. I can be good enough with most of them though, though I can't stand using Jigglypuff, Ganondorf, and Zero SS. You?
    I don't know about Black Bowser and GreenDede, but Pirate ICs sound awesome, and anything with Aliens is automatically awesome. I guess you play SSBB then. Which characters do you use?
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