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Recent content by Lazyboy0337

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    NU Pokemon you wish were better?

    Oh god yes. Sword Dance Explosion was something to fear. Now with Explosion Nerf Lickilicky is nothing.
  2. L

    More GTS problems with localized names...

    Wow the filter is retarded. Is battling against Assclown the Salamence really a huge priotity that needs to be fixed?
  3. L

    Puberty - What is it like?

    Everyone is forgetting one key thing
  4. L

    Black and White Help thread (Read First Post)

    I used this in game, and it does wonders Dig/Earthquake Metal Claw Rock Slide Swords Dance/Claw Sharpen/Filler/HM?
  5. L

    Shogakukan secretly hates you.

    Oh no, I've been a bad boy. Sue me. Seriously, those are the dumbest rules I've ever seen. No fandom? Seriously?
  6. L

    Simple Questions and Simple Answers 3

    If I'm everstone breeding with a ditto, who gets the stone?
  7. L

    Clever Pokémon Nicknames

    IceBarrage The Cryogonal Your nicknames are the nicknames to pierce the heavens!
  8. L

    What tier will they be in?

    Leaf Storm is completely outclassed by Serpeior. Sceptile does more on the first Leaf Storm and is faster, but Serpeior is still fast, bulkier, and doesn't need to switch out fearing -2 Special Attack.
  9. L

    What is the Ugliest Pokemon?

    I like all pokemon, but Meganium if I had to choose. I love Cryogonal, Lickilicky, Garbador, and Probopass.
  10. L

    New minigame on Pokemon.com

    I want Flareon, but I can't even pass level 2
  11. L

    What tier will they be in?

    For a twist: which gen 5 pokemon is the worse? Please no troll answers like Magikarp or Tynamo.
  12. L

    What tier will they be in?

    ...Seriously? I know why Garchomp was banned, and Salamence was a decent ban, but really, Blaziken?
  13. L

    Anime in Pokemon?

    Darker then (Pokemon) Black
  14. L


    Re: Create-a-Ability Fire vs Fire- This pokemon takes no damage from attacks that are the pokemon's type. EX: A normal type with Fire vs Fire can not be hurt by any normal type move.