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    Who Do You Want To See in the Next Super Smash Bros. Game?

    If you knew when to use mewtwo's B moves they were actually quite nice.
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    What Did You Watch On Television Last?

    Warehouse 13.
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    In Which Generation Did You Start Playing Pokémon, and what was your first game?

    My first game was pokemon Blue, I started with bulbasaur because I thought it looked cool. I never beat the game until many years later when I got pokemon Pearl and finally understood what the game was about.And now looking back upon it I am so glad I started with bulbasaur because Misty's...
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    VG Weekly Poll #3: Favorite Generation?

    I had to chose IV because it was when I finally understood what everything was. Gen I was a close second.
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    VG Weekly Poll #4: Do you EV Train?

    I think EV training is not necessary, it does produce good results but it is not necessary unless you want to get to the top of battle tower or something like that. I personally do not EV train.
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    VG Weekly Poll #5: Favorite Grass-type starter?

    Bulbasaur and tutwig are my favorite grass starters if I had to choose. But in every generation I always go with the fire starter anyway.
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    Whats your favorite movie?

    I like all the star wars movies but 6 was my favorite.
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    Mother Tongue

    My first language was English, but I speak a little bit of Latin that I learned in school.
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    How's the weather over there?

    Record breaking heat over here.
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    What Did You Watch On Television Last?

    Holmes inspection.
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    What wallpaper/background/desktop are you using now?

    I use this as my desktop image. EDIT: Put it into a spoiler.
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    Hello! I like pokemon and finally decided to join the community, I wish I had joined sooner because this is a HUGE site filled with interesting topics.
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    What Did You Watch On Television Last?

    Doctor Who: The Best Of The Monsters.