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Recent content by Lee-Ann

  1. L

    Do you have several of a single Pokemon?

    At a time I had about ten Arceus' (clones, of course), all for the purpose of trading.
  2. L

    Pokemon that Need a Good Home...

    Is there any way I could perhaps get an Arceus and a Darkrai? Those are two I have absolutely no chance of getting In PKMN Black, except if they have an event, so it would be awesome if those two are available. :D
  3. L

    First stage wants

    I just went through your list again, and saw that I have more Pokémon that I can offer. The ones are Nidoran♂ and Machop, who I got through the Dream World today. I'd definitely want a Natu and a Sentret, for my Pokédex. :D (I won't be able to get them to you today, seeing as I have to breed...
  4. L

    Giveaway!!-Piplups,Dratini,Treeko and More!!!

    I would like: Mudkip Charmander Turtwig Chimchar & Treecko (Pretty please!) :)
  5. L

    FAQ: How to Make Dream Pals 2

    Member ID: 1987930 World ID: 3 PGL name: Danny179
  6. L

    Looking For....

    I can give you Croagunk, Feebas and Exeggcute, in return for a Chikorita, Nincada and Teddiursa.
  7. L

    First stage wants

    It turns out I traded the Meditite away on the GTS for another Pokémon... Sorry about that. I totally forgot about it! But I can still give you a Dunsparce, which I saw I have in my PC box. :)
  8. L

    First stage wants

    I can give you a Meditite. Do you, by any chance, have a Rufflet available? I know it's not on your list of offers, but it's one of the Pokémon I'm desperate for. :/
  9. L

    Iv Breeding Leftovers

    Sorry that I didn't appear, Bulbagarden didn't seem to be working for me. O.o Something about a protest against SOPA.
  10. L

    Iv Breeding Leftovers

    Oh, right, here it is: 4341-3007-2585. I won't be able to trade now, as I have to go to someone's birthday party, but would tomorrow, around this time, be fine?
  11. L

    Iv Breeding Leftovers

    Could I perhaps get the 3rd (Male Jolly Sand Veil : 31 / 31 / 4, 6 / 21, 23 / 31 / 13, 15 ) Gible? I definitely need a Garchomp on my Pokémon Black team. ^_^
  12. L

    The Shiny Encounters Thread

    I was breeding random Pokémon for some friends of mine, and lo and behold, I bred a shiny Buneary... Which sucks, because I didn't really have a need for it. But it was on my birthday, so that's one special Buneary. <3
  13. L

    FAQ: The Dream World- Official Discussion

    The English site is down for maintenance, or at least, it is on my end. Darn it. :/ I need to retrieve my Minccino and the Gastly I befriended yesterday!
  14. L

    Which Sinnoh Legendary Pokemon is your favorite?

    Giratina is my favorite, since I always use it in my team. Arceus is definitely second, seeing as one can change its type by equipping it with one of those plates.
  15. L

    Pokémon Black or Pokémon White?

    Pokémon Black, because like a lot of people, I preferred Reshiram over Zekrom. But I am disappointed about the fact that I can't catch Rufflet/Braviary in my game. I wanted to have them on my team. :( At least I still get Houndoom. xD A lot of the pokés that are available in White after the...