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  • The thing was still a pain. But yeah, that's my favorite team to use, and now it can proceed to wreck havoc once I clear the field of opposing Sableye and Volcarona.

    I really want to play KotOR one of these days.
    On the bright side, no one can bring Aegislash against my gym anymore. :D Looking at you Prof.

    I like your avatar, by the way!
    Well, the Sword got banned. The joys of democracy. >.> Sometimes I just prefer GameFreak's dictatorial system. They give you rules, and you deal with it. At least they are consistent. <.<

    Have you had any luck contacting the E4?
    Indeed, it's things like that that make you want to take a break from competitive play from time to time.

    Oh, good luck on your screening matches!
    You are right about that. It takes a real player to skillfully and purposefully use it; unlike other Pokemon whose sets an amateur can simply copy-paste and spam without using an ounce of brainpower.
    To add to that, good team building skills can only get you so far. It's during the battle that your skills are truly tested. So in that respect, Aegislash (and many other suspected threats) may look threatening on paper, but can all be dealt with if you know what you are doing, and can think on your feet.
    VGC teams tend to stick to a certain theme much more than singles. One thing I like about them is that they open the door for many new strategies to be implemented, in ways that you can't do in singles.

    It's especially entertaining when you find yourself in an Aegislash vs. Aegislash 1v1 situation. I was actually very pleased with Aegislash when I first found out about it. I hope GameFreak continues to really play with the possibilities of Pokemon abilities and Pokemon's conventional role to further spice up the game.
    We should have a battle in each then. Have you ever tried VGC format?
    I see. I would find it difficult to keep switching gears like that though.
    What do you think of the Aegislash suspect test?
    Which tiers have you tried? Random Battles can be fun too though. They test your quick-thinking- and decision-making skills as a competitive battler quite well.

    All at once? I hadn't heard of Super Meat Boy until recently to be honest.
    Good luck! Try to be #3 :D

    Why not practice on Showdown? Or you could ask some friends to practice with you. What game(s) did you switch to?
    Aiming for the Elite Four?
    I've been in that situation a couple times myself. A good break can do one good, especially after a losing- or winning- streak. What was it, if you don't mind me asking?
    Haha the One isn't getting much love is it? I myself recently starting playing on my PS3 again, since I had been neglecting it for my PC and 3DS.
    Also, congratulations on beating the Fairy Gym. Does that mean you are out of your battling rut?
    Water gym? I think you might have me confused with someone else... Would you like to challenge the Fairy gym insted?
    I guess that means there can never exist such a thing as a perfect team.

    That is a great lineup of games indeed. I take it you like Shooters the best?
    What console do you prefer?
    That seems like a pretty secure set up, with everyone covering each other's weak points. But what if something unexpected happens-say you lose your special tank early on due to a critical hit or something and you are left with nothing to defend yourself against a rampant Volcarona? I understand what you mean by the no weaknesses nor advantages though. I like to make teams that will give me options in a battle; that have the potential to respond to ideally any situation, unexpected or otherwise. Of course this style of play comes with risks of its own, since you are, in a sense, prepared for everything yet nothing at the same time. Ultimately it all comes down to the player making the right decisions during a battle.

    So other than TF2 and Bioshock Infinite what other games do you play?
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