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  • That's one of the good things about on cartridge battles. People tend to avoid long stall strategies. Cool, I used to play competitively back in the day, went on hiatus, and made a return for X and Y. Balanced? But where's the defense? (Not that I'm complaining; I prefer HO myself).

    Oh I can believe it. Games are linked in more ways than you'd think. Certain fundamental strategies and principles, when honed correctly, can be implemented to be successful at any game. What exactly was the team building process, if you don't mind sharing?
    Why thank you Prof. I think it'd be cool to create my own villains someday.

    Indeed I am. I still need to finish my team though. Tough break with your loss to JustTheFx but it was a good battle. How long have you been a competitive battler?
    Yo! Considering were both online, why don't we say we have our battle for GB's Tourney~
    Is so, PS Username: LeCoqGrande
    Oh that’s a difficult question. Even harder than choosing my favorite hero (and it doesn’t help that you included anime too T_T). There’s the villainous antiheros like Light Yagami, the ones who only look out for themselves like Greed from FMA, and the ones that really get inside the hero’s head like Slade from Teen Titans. Then there’s the straight up OP antagonists like Unicron and the insane ones like Majin Buu. I’m sure I’m forgetting some. To be honest I don’t know; there are so many!
    You are welcome Prof. It's a really cool blog. So are you into villains then?

    Oh how were the fireworks?
    Thanks belated 4th of July to you too :p Ahh buried myself in notes mostly haha, there was a barbeque on campus but they were taking too long to cook the food so I just went back to my study area XD
    Sorry to bother you just wanted to say I like your icon and the one on your profile. Bioshock Infinite? I have yet to try that myself. Did you have a good 4th also?
    Yeah but once Char X gets Dragon Dance going it becomes a pretty big threat of its own.
    About the fireworks, you should definitely try lighting them sometime. There's nothing like doing it yourself.
    By the way, I like your Villain of the Day blog series. I have a soft spot for good (or bad?) villains. Keep at it!
    Good game indeed. I prefer Charizard X too, but granted I like dragons in general.
    Thanks ^^ Have fun then! Have you launched fireworks yourself before?

    That's what I like to hear. You good to go now?
    Yup Canadian, but I recently moved to America. Canada Day was actually on Tuesday.
    Oh nice, fireworks are always fun. Where are you planning on watching them?
    And hey if you're not busy we could have a battle, if you're up for it.
    Happy 4th of July to you too Prof. Haha I'm not very patriotic since I'm actually Canadian, but I have respect for it. Regarding my plans, last year I went to NYC and that was..hectic, so this time I'll just be chilling at home, watching some World Cup games. How about yourself?
    :banana: That's how we get new gym leaders XD I'll mention gym applications sometime during the season so if you're still up for it then yeah throw in your application :)

    Oh GB's hosting a tournament using "old school" sets if you want to check it out...I'm thinking of joining, I just survived a huge pharma block so I might have some breathing room.
    Ahh that's good, we built the league in hopes that people focus on the experience rather than just winning badges so glad to see you're enjoying it :)
    Haha yeah it seems faster than it looks once you get rolling. That's good though since you'll have more time against the E4 (since you have to beat all 4 without losing) but I feel sometimes people go too fast, we still have until September :p You can always aim for more badges if you want, pull off a Gary Oak XD
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