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  • Hey! :)

    ok, that would be awesome! :)
    Could you get me a Weakness Policy as the 3rd item?

    I'll set Diglett aside for you too
    trading tomorrow morning would be fine with me. :)

    What time zone are you in and when is a good time for you to trade?
    Ahahahaha it's ok. I was pretty busy on my birthday and even the day after.

    Also! I actually got White 2 recently so when I beat it (and somehow get a good IV ditto or somethin), I can actually now do the shard tutors. Ahahahahahaha
    Nice nice congrats on the results. I majored in Microbiology in undergrad so for now pathology is pretty straightforward, virus replication cycles and all that. Yeah I'm kinda excited/anxious about clinicals since that's when we'd really be dealing with patients. The schedule will be kinda daunting but it'll be interesting, hang in there :)
    I actually finished them about 2 weeks ago, new semester just started again this week D: Last one was focused on physiology and now we're gonna do pathology...oh the many ways cells can get damaged @[email protected] And you?
    Ah thanks, I'm still in my first year so I try not to label myself as "in the medical field" yet :p Good luck to both of us!
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