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  • Yo~ Don't know if you remember way back when, but I've since been able to play and have beaten Y. So anytime you're available to battle, and I'm online, feel free to challenge me~ :D
    I understand that. BUt, thanks to the lack of resistances great ice types have to suffer a lot competitive. Take Kyurem for example. It is stuck in BL due to being ice.
    So yeah, offensively they are amazing...defensively they suck. I wish that they'd give the ice types resistances to water, fairy and maybe ground.
    I haven't started breeding anything, but I'll have Fennekins, Froakies and Charmanders eventually as far as starters go. From what I hear, my Safari is Psychic and has Munna as one of the pokemon.
    I added you back! And sure, if you see me online (my trainer and 3DS name are both Carly) feel free to challenge me to a battle. If I decline it means I don't have my proper team with me atm, is all, but sure!!
    Interesting teams you've got there. Though you're probably aware of this by now, but just an FYI, weather-based Abilities have been nerfed: they only last 5 turns now. But you've probably already found a way around that, so I guess that's water under the bridge.

    Not a clue. I haven't gotten that far, to be honest, since I've spent a lot of time exploring/catching/item hunting in the main game, so I can't help you there.
    I'll surely add you. :D As sad as it is, though, while I have the game, my grades have prevented me from getting to playing it just yet. >.< But hopefully soon, and I'll be sure to battle you then~ ^^
    Partial only works with the berries. Otherwise I have to start from scratch.
    Now I just have to get a pomeg berry to get rid of some of my torchic's training.
    That if they are given a chance to fire an ice-beam...they are usually nuked before they even get the chance to move. Look at my pretty Aurorus from today/ Couldn't even fire an aurora beam :(
    Hahaha I meant design-wise XD but the speed on the frog is amazing. i have always prefered speedy mons.

    Lol, most of the type chart does not make any sense XD Where is the love for ice types?!!!

    Yeah, lol pink, purple and red XD
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