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  • I'm thinking we should have fewer classes this time around; I think the first day kind of dragged, because it took so long to get anywhere. We can still do them for flavor, of course, they take too long and detract from the plot too much to make it a routine. I'm thinking of only having one class on the first day, and just skipping ahead to the good stuff.

    And I guess that means we can open up teacher player characters.
    Heya, can't really stick around long but just wanted to let you know I posted in Pokemon Quest 2. :)
    All right. I'll copy/paste the description from Sky High, add some references to the Imperial Gods, and have the sign-up tomorrow.

    EDIT: Got it done faster than expected. Here we go...
    Hmm... I guess we make the core of that technology a lost Imperial relic or something? And that's why we're co-GMs: to cover each others' weaknesses.
    I don't know yet... Lighthalzen again might be the easiest way, but we could also do something like GX and have the school be somewhere important to the Imperial Gods. What do you think?
    All right.I was thinking of just starting up another academy RP. We could recycle characters from Sky High, but start the plot over fresh so more people join. And, so we can keep people's interest better, I'd start off with the Imperial Gods as the first arc, and Chaos again as the second. Sound good?
    Not sure if you're still on BMGf or not... Just letting you know I was thinking of using the concepts for the Chaos arc and the Imperial Gods in a new Yu-Gi-Oh RP. If you're ever online again, check it out?
    Here is a fun pokemon forum you may like. Ever Grande City Forums - Powered by vBulletin
    hello Yusei. I'm just rounding up some people for a small RP im doing before LoD starts up again. Its a fun little pokemon dungeon crawler, and with how i have it set up I think you might like it. I"m also inviting Elphie.
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