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    Pokémon Masters EX Hashtag Ought to be Capitalized

    Pokémon Masters, the latest mobile game, has received some tune-ups lately. With the addition of Eggs, new Sync Pairs, and new Story Events, it was only fitting that the game's name was adjusted to reflect the additions: Pokémon Masters EX. Naturally, in this age of social media, the official...
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    Japan now has 100 Pokémon manhole covers

    After they first began being installed last year, there are now a total of 100 different Pokémon manhole covers in Japan. The newest batch (seen below) are located in Serigaya Park, Machida, Tokyo, being the first of these covers to be located in the metropolitan area. Last year, Japan began...
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    New Pokémon TCG expansion Darkness Ablaze released

    Sword & Shield—Darkness Ablaze, the third major expansion in the Sword & Shield series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, was released on August 14, 2020. It is now available at participating retailers around the world. Sword & Shield—Darkness Ablaze features the debuts of the Legendary Pokémon...
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    What video games are you playing now?

    Pokemon Sword (natch), Slay the Spire, and Metroid: Samus Returns in which I got lost trying to find the Gravity Suit despite having done two 100% playthroughs already :cautious:
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    Preview JN034: The Solitary Fighter Saitou! The Threatening Otosupus!!

    I've had little interest in Journeys outside of Koharu's Yamper until this episode. Lookin' forward to seeing Bea battle and maybe have Ash decide to pick up an actual Galar Pokemon rather than old fan favorites.
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    Spoilers Latest Wild Area Max Raids

    After the travesty that was 2% spawns for shiny Wailord, shiny Pikachu has a quadrupled spawn rate at 8%; I've already encountered (and captured) three. It'll be interesting to see how many I have by the end of the event.
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    TEEN: Operation Cloudburst

    Disclaimer: Pokémon is copyright its original owners. The authors only own the plot and original characters. Any representation of real persons, dead or alive, is purely coincidental unless it makes a damn good reference. For the none of you who actually read this, here's chapter three. I...
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    TEEN: Operation Cloudburst

    First of all, I sincerely apologize for the long wait in getting this chapter published. There were issues mostly beyond our control, but here we are in the end! You may notice some differences in writing styles between this chapter and the last one: that’s because we abandoned the editing...
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    TEEN: Operation Cloudburst

    Thanks for the review! I'd like to address things point-by-point, but hopefully I don't come off as pedantic. Half-right: General Kross & I have a few good years of experience behind us, but we're always willing to expand and improve. We wanted to get the right "feel" for things, so I made...
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    TEEN: Operation Cloudburst

    Captain Blue & General Kross proudly present: Operation Cloudburst Rating: T for Teen Disclaimer: Pokemon is copyright its original owners. The authors only own the plot and original characters. Any representation of real persons, dead or alive, is purely coincidental unless it makes a damn...
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    Favourite Pokemon Game that wasn't Main Series

    Mine has to be the Trading Card Game for the Game Boy Color, without a doubt. I've spent hours on that game: it's so atmospheric and the music's amazing. Once it came to the 3DS Virtual Console I absolutely had to get it. It's a fantastic portable version of the TCG that sorely needs a remake...
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    Did anyone not like the leveling of older games?

    I think leveling in Gens I and II are the worst/most difficult. Gen I doesn't have the EXP bars and none of the Trainers bar the Elite Four are able to be re-fought after the initial battle, which means grinding in Victory Road if you aren't at the right levels for the League. Gen II has...
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    Pokeshipping General Discussion

    Welcome to all the newcomers, although I shouldn't be saying that seeing as how often I post (by which I mean "hardly ever"). Anyways, a while back I had ordered an old issue of Pojo's Unofficial Pokemon (Vol. 1, No. 9, July 2000 for those interested), and found a few things in there that might...
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    Pokemon Trading Card Game for Game Boy Color

    I'd really like to see another sequel or a remake to this game, especially if it stays true to the original. It's a fun way to keep yourself occupied because everyone is rematchable and there are always opportunities to try new combos. The sequel added more cards, but sadly never saw a release...
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    Pokemon Trading Card Game for Game Boy Color

    "The greatest Pokémon Trading Card Game players of all time – the Grand Masters – are looking for one player worthy of inheriting the four rare, Legendary Pokémon Cards! Build new decks with the Auto Deck Machine, hone your skills on the Challenge Machine, and test your ability in the Challenge...