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  • Hey, do you think you'd be able to upload a picture for the Kamitsure club? It kinda bugs me seeing the generic question mark icon. :/
    No, not intentionally anyway. I could see why you would think that though. Honestly I just play the games for fun, not competitive battling, cross my heart and hope to die
    I sorta do and I sorta don't. I will breed a Pokemon for a specific nature, but I just train them against whatever.

    If I ever get WiFi I'd wanna battle you then. I might actually have a chance at winning lol. I could only versus people who, like me, are competitively-challenged.
    Of course...if you don't beat the game before that can happen. (Seriously, have you seen some of the levels on those guys? You can't get a Sazando until it hits Lv.64)

    Here's my White team:
    Still not sure who is going to fill in the last 3 spots. I'm looking at these though:
    Very impressive. I wish I had that kind of artistic talent, or really any at all xD

    Thanks =) Username I saw on a picture on Google awhile back, and the avatar is from a card that I inverted the colors on.

    Got your B&W team picked out yet? I know Shimama is gonna be on there, but what about your other 5?
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