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  • I can be really soft, it's not that hard to make me cry ^^; Probable e-mails, none of really sure facebook...

    More like time-zone changes, normally I get up anywhere between 5 and 7 but my brain is now set 3 hours later. ;__;
    I gte really said when my mom jokes around about moving, mainly because I love my home, and she's joking about moving far away and then I couldn't see my friends...

    More like afternoon, I keep waking up late -_-;
    Thanks I will :)

    That sounds like it'll take time, I wouldn't really know because I've never moved.
    I'm still on my spring break so I'll visiting family out of town.

    Any thing going on with you? :D
    Happy New Year to you too! even if it's a little late :/ I did have a good holiday season! :D

    How about you? :)
    I think some people didn't like the style or something, I'm not completely sure.

    It'll just take some time. I think it might be a love it or hate it game though.

    Ya! But it's just hard with a touch pad, I'll eventauly get better! :cheers:
    I'm saving up money so i can get one of them. Radiant Mythology is like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, you actually make your own character in it and you do a bunch of quests. It actually seems really fun.

    I plan to one day get good at computer art.
    I would like to play it but I don't have any type of play station :bawl: and that really limits what I can play. I wish more games would be localized, but they have their reasons for not localizing them. I wish they would bring Radiant Mythology 2 over. It matches! I was thinking about getting an Emil one but some one else bought it first.

    I found them on DeviantARt.
    I haven't had a chance to play Versperia, and I don't think Xilla is out in America yet. Ya my friend is really nice, and It also goes with my 3DS cause it's a red one.

    I like they Guy one. So I'll be using it!
    Let's see I found, Luke, Guy, Ion, Sycn, Collete, Lloyd, Raine, Genis, and Sheena. I didn't bring spending money, my friend is rich so she bought me a Luke phone charm that I put on my 3DS.

    Yep, life won't change. :D I like it to if you see it on other parts if the forum it's a animation, he just blinks, I have a guy one a plan to use later.
    I don't mind late replies. :)

    The convention was great, I actually saw a lot of 'tales of' cos-players, and the amusement park was fun I got to go with my buddy and it was tons of fun!

    Sounds ruff buddy, I guess well all have to deal with difficulties when we get older. :/
    I haven't gotten that summer feel this entire time, it's feels like a giant break instead. But I've had a great summer, went to camp, Went to San Diego, went on another small trip, and now I'm going to a convention, and next week it's to an amusement park.

    What have you been doing?
    And apparently the side quest contain plot points, so things might click together more! And if I miss something then I get to spend all my grade to keep my data!

    Ion needs some attention, and merchandise.
    You get lot's of bragging rights if you actually do it. Plus the game is fun, so i get to play it more.

    He's also a voice of reason.
    I have around three guides to make sure I don't forget any thing.

    I took the test three times and got the same answer. I don't really mind being Ion. I kind of see it.
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