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  • Tales of the Abyss was my first tales game, so I've already played it I just love guy. But I am replaying to attempt 100% completion, starting with the side quests.

    I got bored and took one of those 'which abyss character would you be?' test, I cam out as 100% Ion, 95% Peony, and 81% Guy.
    well. it ended last week, now that I'm home I'm playing my Tales of... games a lot! they're so addicting
    Yes, I being forced to shop, and it's terrible and expensive.

    The sea breeze is chilly, well they actual have a hot tube, but the pool was already heated so it's not that bad.
    That's one reason why I enjoy it! But Then the older ones say 'Hey you're starting high school! Let's go freshen up your wardrobe!' I hate clothing shopping....

    It's actually been pretty chilly so the the cove water is also cold.
    I'm having a good time, there's a beach and a pool so I can swim, plus there is cable TV I don't have that at my house, I also have the internet and my video games for when every one else is doing boring stuff like taking a nap or shopping.
    Yep, but later, not now.

    We're at our family reunion in San Diego, but every one there is a lot older or younger than me so I don't have a lot to do.
    ya, I'm in a small bandwagon, I'm gonna change it back later.

    I've been doing pretty good, I'm supposed to be on a 7 hour airplane fight right now, but it's been delayed till 10pm it was suppose to leave around 7.
    It's nothing to be worried about, it actual can turn up quite comical.

    Ya it's always better when you talk to at least one other person!
    Though some times the sanity of the members tend to slip, so now were bothering the crap out of each other on and off line. I'm doing the best on line!

    Well, some groups are kind of active... But not most, though if two people are active that could be enough.
    Ya, Joltik is my older sister. I call her Onee-chan on this forum once and a while

    Lots of groups tend to be inactive unfortunately, the most active ones are the planetary pit stop and the resistance.
    Me and Onee-chan try to be nice people, so I'm happy that you think I'm a nice person!

    I ended up joining a lot of the groups because they tend to have a group for every thing, and if they don't you just go and make the group you want, if they didn't have an Okami group I was prepared to make one!
    No problem for the friends invite, like I said any fan of Okami and Tales is a friend of mine!

    And we do in fact have an okami club and a Tales club!
    No problem, and thanks! I'm not the only Tales of and Okami fan you'll find here either!

    Oh, and Happy Birthday!
    ya, me and My Onee-chan are huge tales and Okamil fans, They're amazing games, you can find fans of almost any game on this forum!

    which reminds me I need to see if we have an Okami fan club on the forum.
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