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  • Sounds good. Since you're in charge of the FOTM I'm sure M-Dub will be happy with your choice too.
    Oh, that's good. :D

    Yeah, in my opinion, the story advertising part of the rules was poorly defined to me. It wasn't specific on the entire definition of story advertising, so I thought that linking stories to another site in any way (whether it be directly or indirectly) would result in an infraction.

    Plus, one of the mods here (I won't say who) doesn't like me too well, and probably is looking for a way to ban me. If you want to know who that is, ask me via PM (I don't want to risk getting infracted).
    Hey, I have a question;

    Is it against the rules to link a story with previous ones in order to offer context to the current story?
    That would be awesome if you took Lesson 2. I think Lesson 1 will be Description/World Building... So we can discuss why Lesson 2 should be. I think the generator thing should be a bit later and have more basic topics for the first few lessons.
    Hikari would be perfect...if it wasn't for Dawn and her Japanese name. :/ But I do like the Japanese words idea - fits my theme perfectly, actually. I was on the fence about Order. It's one of the few things that fits and fits them quite well, but isn't as unassuming as I'd like.
    I was actually thinking something more along the lines of The ______ of _______. :p Team whatever's been done to death, anyway
    I need a name for a group/sect that protects Pokemon, their habitats, and urges people to follow their caring ways towards the creatures - going above and beyond the norm for most people. Something that has sort of a religious feel to it. Any ideas?
    Yeah I think that'd be cool. I'm gonba be leading the Writing Academy soon...would u have time to interview the winner?
    Ah, nice, thanks for telling me. Also, remember the discussion of "The Wonderful Adventures of Nils" Pokémonization? I remember 2 subplots now, though they're a bit vague.

    Nils gets kidnapped by a bear one day, who takes him to a nearby lumber mill. The bear explains that the humans in the lumber mill destroys the forest and orders Nils to cause mayhem inside the lumber mill, since he's small enough to get in undetected, unlike the bear who would alert the humans at first sight. The mayhem the bear suggest Nils would kill the humans, so he refuses. The bear is not too happy about it, and tries to kill Nils. However, before the deed is done, Nils is "kidnapped" (again) by an eagle and looses consciousness. The next day, however, he finds himself in the middle of the geese, who is laughing (or quaking, whatever you prefer) after seeing him sleeping peacefully after the turmoils.
    Later that day, he meets the eagle who rescued him and explains that he (the eagle) was raised by the leader of the geese (who is a female by the way) when he was just a chick. His parents didn't return one day when the they were hunting for prey and he was left alone in the next at the side of a large cliff. By chance, however, the leader of the geese passed by and decided to act as his foster parent out of pity. The goose fed him with fish only, which in turn caused the eagle to only hunt for fishes instead of geese as an adult, which is part of an eagle's natural diet.
    One day, when it was time to fly south for the winter for the leader of the geese, it said to the eagle chick that it have to learn to fly and hunt on its own now, since she couldn't take care of it anymore. In response, the chick jumped out of his nest and started to fly halfway down the cliff. Since then, the eagle and the geese has been on friendly terms, and as mentioned, the eagle now only hunts for fishes instead of geese.

    Hope you can use this for future stories :)
    It could work like that. In the book, there were, as I mentioned, various subplots, such as a fox trying to catch and eat the flok of geese, only to be foiled by Nils (or Nelson in the Pokémonized version).

    About the ending. I just remembered that the book ended with Nils returning back to human form, 8 months after the story, back home. He and the geese laments that they no longer understands each other (when it comes to language), before saying farewell to each other and the geese flying south for the winter.

    As for what Pokémon you could use for the geese, why not use Farfetch´d?

    I'll see if I can remember any more subplots in the book you can use, LightningTopaz.
    The book also includes various subplots, concerning people whose lives are touched in one way or another by Nils and the wild geese. For example, one chapter centers on a young provincial man who feels lonely and alienated in the capital Stockholm, is befriended by a nice old gentleman who tells him (and the reader) about the city's history - and only later finds that it was none other than the King of Sweden, walking incognito in the park.

    Taken out from the wikipedia. That's basically what the story is about.
    The book is about a young lad, Nils Holgersson, whose "chief delight was to eat and sleep, and after that he liked best to make mischief". He takes great delight in hurting the animals in his family farm. Nils captures a tomte in a net while his family is at church and have left him home to memorize chapters from the Bible. The tomte proposes to Nils that if Nils frees him, the tomte will give him a huge gold coin. Nils rejects the offer and the tomte turns Nils into a tomte, which leaves him shrunken and able to talk with animals, who are thrilled to see the boy reduced to their size and are angry and hungry for revenge. While this is happening, wild geese are flying over the farm on one of their migrations, and a white farm goose attempts to join the wild ones. In an attempt to salvage something before his family returns, Nils holds on to the bird's neck as it successfully takes off and joins the wild birds.

    The wild geese, who are not pleased at all to be joined by a boy and a domestic goose, eventually take him on an adventurous trip across all the historical provinces of Sweden observing in passing their natural characteristics and economic resources. At the same time the characters and situations he encounters make him a man: the domestic goose needs to prove his ability to fly like the experienced wild geese, and Nils needs to prove to the geese that he would be a useful companion, despite their initial misgivings. During the trip, Nils learns that if he proves he has changed for the better, the tomte might be disposed to change him back to his normal size. (Continues)
    I'll see what I can do. There's actually one in my mind (just need to remember the title of it), but it may be too long since I read it in a small book a long time ago.

    EDIT: Found out what it's called: The Wonderful Adventures of Nils, or in Swedish, Nils Holgerssons underbara resa genom Sverige (Nils Holgersson's wonderful journey across Sweden, when directly translated). Are you familiar with it? It even got an anime adaption, maybe you can use it as reference.
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