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  • I guess it's cuz the biotic powers all kinda do the same thing. Blue energy everywhere. xD Whereas tech and combat powers have a bit more diversity to them.
    I see ... I get what ya mean. ^^

    Honestly, I find biotics boring. I mean yeah, the Batarian Adept and Cabal Vanguard are two of my most-used classes in ME3 multiplayer, but biotic powers don't seem as interesting to me as tech powers or combat powers.
    Oh, well you said about picking a soldier because it seemed most familiar to you ... that sort of implied you were new to it, to me at least. I mean, Soldier was the one I started with when I was new to this sort of game (though the playstyle ended up making it a favorite, alongside Engineer and Infiltrator).
    It was great! It added quite a lot to the story, and some VERY helpful new weapon mods.
    Same here. I find the ending disappointing, but not as disappointing as the third game's vanilla (non-DLC) singleplayer in its entirety. ;_;

    Fortunately, the DLC and multiplayer are pretty good imo (though in the case of the DLC, so far I've only played From Ashes and Leviathan).
    Hi! I saw your code on the friend safari list and was wondering if you'd add me. FC: 3024-5588-6467. Thanks!
    I'd like to add you.
    I have already added you.
    My Fc is 1590-5797-6050 and my safari is Steel with Ferroseed, Skarmory, and Excadrill. Thanks!
    Hey I have a Normal Friend safari my pokemon are Teddiursa, Loudred and Chansey My friend code is 1349-5405-7196. Please Add me I have already added you
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