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  • well, theres no announcement as to when TG Oz will return. do you think it will come back at all?
    well, the chemistry between the presenters has to be there, and if they keep changing presenters, its obviously not going to work. of course, as far as the American version goes, they just need to get their heads out of their ass and stop scripting so much crap.
    i thought you said the new guy was way better than Cox.
    also yes, its like "we know it wont be as good as TG UK, so we will try to be hip and cool instead!" and it doesnt work.
    are you implying imminent doom, or did they announce its cancellation?
    also, the big problem with TG USA is that it follows a casual format of three guys messing about and doing the whole "cool! awesome!" sort of thing. theres no subtlety. it isnt 'smart' if you will.
    while i understand the GTA numbering system, im not saying its perfect. and that being said, i dont see why companies cant just use basic numbering systems.
    generally i agree, but the GTA series actually isnt too bad if you know why they do it. they all take place within the same continuity based on the numbered game.
    GTA1, L61, and L69
    GTA3, VC, SA, LCS, VCS, and Adv
    GTA4, LaD, TBoGT, and CW (and presumably the next game or two or whatever)
    well, to answer your question you can only pick your exact color in one game, San Andreas.
    in some cases that is actually possible. in an explicit mission, no, but in the "find the car" sidequests, you can just paint the car before you turn it in and receive full profit.
    its usually only car delivery missions, and in most GTAs, money is so easy to come by that it doesnt matter anyway.
    idk how familiar you are with GTA games, but in some side missions, you have to drive a vehicle, and depending on how beat-up the vehicle gets, depends on the reward. say the reward is $10,000, but you do some damage to it, so you only get $8,000.
    that guy, right there. he broke every bone in his body at least once. thats determination.
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