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  • Haha, you're welcome. This is my third, but I bet it may change back or to another one later in the month.

    Obviously I tend to get bored of custom titles. >_>;;
    I was Mr. Schwibbles for about a few months. >>;;

    Newaiye, I found the new user much more suitable (if you knew me in real life you would understand; a bit of an inside joke with my friends at school).

    And you're kidding right? Because of my superior friendliness, I went out of my way to find one for you; news.com.au/common/imagedata/0,,5764099,00.jpg (add in the www). BTW, it took about half a minute. ;P
    Have you heard about how the Rudd Government is trying to filter our internet and block websites that *they* think are inappropriate?
    My internet is capped and is running at 56kbps at the moment, I cant go on Fox Sports... whats going on in the cricket?
    Dear Matthew,

    You wouldn't believe how delighted I was when I heard on the news that you had won mark of the year! Even though I'm sure even spuds like Lynch could take mark of the year on the backs of the Demons defence. None the less I was impressed, well done.

    Best regards, Ben. :cool:
    think ill work on it tomorrow (today?) as im getting tired of turning down MSN only people. i like MSN more than AIM anyway..
    Polyphony Digital.
    somoene needs to tell them that while the Skyline is a good car, we dont need 57 versions of them in one game. yes that happned in GT4. meanwhile, we got ONE classic Mustang...
    instead of clogging up your page here, you got an IM or something?
    not that i know of. in fact, GT3 had only the Tickford Falcon V8 Supercar available. GT4 finally gave us the Holden Monaro (meh) and the FPV F6 Typhoon and GTV8 (both badass cars). so, im going to say no off the top of my head. but in reality, they are missing tons of great tracks. however, despite all of that, Bathurst is probably my most wanted track of them all.
    Australian V8 Supercars
    they stopped showing it in America, which sucks. i used to watch it all the time.
    and Opel in the rest of Europe!
    meanwhile, Ford is Ford.
    it is a different division, like how theres Ford of Europe as well.
    i certainly hope so.
    i did read a review in an Aussie magazine (on the net) and it said the new FPV was better than the Holden, so, take that GM!
    im tellin ya, if i had the money, i would find some way to import one of those beasts.
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