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Recent content by Lilac Hill

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    GEN VI: Rain Dish Tentacool

    As stated in title. Don't care about IVs or nature, I can do that myself. Just chuck me a spare one that you had left over and I'll be happy. :thumbup:
  2. L

    Out of all the music in the games, which one is your favorite?

    Each generation has its fair share of good music. The style of music also gives you a good feel for the region you're in. Nothing tops Gen III for me. The most upbeat generation. Gives the feeling that you're genuinely on an adventure.
  3. L

    Anders Breivik pleads not guilty at Norway murder trial

    Breivik is not insane. He committed an absolute atrocity, but he is not insane. He has a very firm grip on logic. It made sense to him to perform a massacre. The type and extent of thought he gave to his plans indicate a mind not lacking in sanity, but in understanding of emotion and of any...
  4. L

    Director James Cameron dives to bottom of Mariana Trench

    Best part is that his submarine was designed and built in Australia. :-)
  5. L

    The Hidden Cost of Coal Power

    I like how you're all selectively quoting me, thereby giving your implicit acceptance that everything I've said that you haven't quoted is correct. :-) That was a joke. Hence the emoticon. You quite clearly said in the OP that "we are clearly past the point where we need to use coal"...and...
  6. L

    The Hidden Cost of Coal Power

    Merged post I don't find the supposed damage of a few extra years of coal worth the cost of changing to nuclear for a short period of time. Money better spent elsewhere. Keep in mind that I am approaching this from an Australian standpoint. The effects of coal power on our population are...
  7. L

    The Hidden Cost of Coal Power

    You're missing the point here. We're looking for a temporary solution for coal (which apparently is so bad that we cannot possibly use it for a second longer, lest we all die) until renewable sources can provide the same amount of power for a relatively similar monetary cost. Nuclear is...
  8. L

    The Hidden Cost of Coal Power

    No, why would I be? Until you can guarantee that there will be absolutely no meltdowns under any circumstances, it's not worth the potential cost, which is the exact thing you're complaining about with coal.
  9. L

    The Hidden Cost of Coal Power

    a) Nuclear power is costly to get up and going. If you're going to use it, you'd want in to be a long term thing. Not a gap solution. b) Fukushima/Chenobyl
  10. L

    The Hidden Cost of Coal Power

    What would you propose using in the meantime?
  11. L

    Rogue American soldier kills 16 Afghan civilians

    US vows to probe Afghanistan shooting rampage - Central & South Asia - Al Jazeera English
  12. L

    Shooting at Ohio High School: One Dead, Four Injured

    I'm not going to discuss this with you if the only thing you're going to argue is that "He didn't get it legally therefore gun control laws are not needed". That is absurd. I am well aware of the prohibition era, and of the "drug war". Have you considered looking north? Or perhaps...
  13. L

    Shooting at Ohio High School: One Dead, Four Injured

    Do you seriously believe that he would have been able to obtain that gun if the US had the kind of logical and reasonable tight gun control that many other countries, such as mine, enjoy?
  14. L

    Shooting at Ohio High School: One Dead, Four Injured

    No logical extensions allowed? You seem to be happy to make assumptions.
  15. L

    Mansion servant enslaved by uber-rich New York family for nearly six years

    That is an astonishingly horrible stereotype to make.