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  • That would be kind of cute, but then people might use that to claim that SM doesn't exist in the same continuity as the other series. The movie definitely has some key differences from the first episode already and I'd rather not see people use the movie as a chance to justify that theory on SM, especially when it doesn't make any sense.
    I'm curious if it will just be a retelling of the original series, how much it would cover and if they'll include Misty and Brock. I'm also still wondering if they'll find some way to connect back to SM or include a scene of where Ash and Pikachu currently are at the end of the movie.
    Hi there. It seems like an interesting choice for a movie at least and the trailer looked gorgeous. I'm just not sure how excited I am for it when I'm not that into the original series nostalgia and we still don't know much about it. I'll probably be more excited about it when we know exactly what kind of movie it's going to be.
    Thank you so much for the Happy Birthday wishes. Things have been going pretty well today, so that is nice. I hope that you're having a nice day too.
    We might get some Easter Eggs of the original characters at least. I'm not sure if they could show up in a future series given that they seem interested in making each series set in its own universe starting with Zexal. They could have some alternate universe versions of the characters like they've done with Arc-V. That could be neat.
    That would be pretty awesome. I'm not sure how likely that is. I'm not sure how well the movie did in Japan and what new cards they could promote would be a big factor too, but we have gotten more movie sequels to other anime, so it's at least possible. I'd be interested to see more about what Yugi and his friends could be doing after working towards their own futures after awhile.
    He did get quite a bit of focus, but I thought that they were able to balance out the screentime with the others pretty well. It felt like Yugi and Kaiba were two halves of the same story. I don't know if I'd say he was the most developed by the end. The others were able to move on while he was still chasing after Atem, but he did quite a bit of time to shine through regardless.
    Kaiba did have some fantastic lines. I was impressed with Eric Stuart's performance. He's always been a pretty good voice actor and fit for Kaiba in terms of his voice, but I felt like he had much better direction here than he did in the show and it really helped to make Kaiba stand out more.
    That was pretty cool and I'm still kind of surprised Kaiba won even with a Virtual Atem. The whole movie made me feel nostalgic. Everything from the DM characters to the corny dialogue was just full of DM dub nostalgia. If nothing else, 4K Media is good at making lines that are genuinely funny and ones that are so bad that they turn around and become hilarious. The voice actors didn't miss a beat either.
    I just saw the movie today. It was really good and I am so glad that I could watch it in theaters. It was a lot of fun and hearing a bunch of people laugh at some of the fantastically over the top dialogue was just terrific.
    I hope that we'll get a release date soon as well. It will be weird to not have new episodes to wake up to on Saturdays for awhile. I haven't seen The Darkside of Dimensions yet, but I will be going to a showing tomorrow afternoon. I've been able to avoid spoilers surprisingly well, but I've heard generally good things about the movie. I hope I'll be able to enjoy it and look more into all of the comments about it.
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