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    TEEN: Behind Pained Eyes

    Hi! Wow I can't remember the last time I was on Bulbagarden.. but I'm on now, I saw the message, and I was like, "Ehhhh all right". But I'm so glad I started reading this because it's really good! This story is original, it portrays Seven and Ny well, and it has good suspension. I just feel like...
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    Lilly's Story

    Well, I just proofed and finished chapter two.. here goes nothing! Chapter Two A few minutes after Auntie called us downstairs, I found myself running out the front door, going to Professor Birch's house to borrow his Gulpin. What happened was this: Once May and I got down the stairs to...
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    New Author Seeking Advice

    Re: New Authir Seeking Advice Haha! ^_^ I do like your story idea. Not just because it's not like mine. Have you posted anything yet? And since none of these people who have been here longer than I have told you this, don't take my word for it, but I think you can just go down toward the...
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    POKEMON: The Power Inside (Chapter 20 - Route One Rumble!)

    Re: POKEMON: The Power Inside (Chapter 18 - Sacred Fire) I picked a good time to start reading this; it's storming outside :) Since this is very good as it is, I'm going to be awfully picky! I've only read the first chapter, but it looks interesting already! I don't think I would put...
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    Lilly's Story

    There's no safari zone here...yet! But good question :) As for the length...really? I was worried about it being too short. I do have these spaced at 1.5, but maybe that got messed up. I could space them further if needed. Haha...safari zone...oh...
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    Lilly's Story

    Honnen Chapter One When I wake, I see sunlight flitting through the square window across my tiny bedroom. I blink and close my eyes again, still exhausted. But before I can begin to drift off, something light is jumping on my back. No, jumping’s an...
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    Wicked (PKMN-Style)

    Alright, but it sounds a little random to only have once species of Pokemon in the story. . .haha i have seen the play (it's awesome!). But I personally would make anything animal/animal-ish should be made pokemon/pokemon-ish, because any story with animals and pokemon co-exsisting is awful. No...
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    Wicked (PKMN-Style)

    I have a question.. I just read up to the part where "Professor Rowan" was taken, and haven't seen any sort of Pokemon whatsoever; even the lion could have been a Growlthlie or something. Are there actual Pokemon in here or just the people?
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    Just throwing this out there

    Alright, don't judge me for asking this, but a one-shot is a single book, right?
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    Most Useless Pokemon

    The most useless Pokemon that I've ever had the misfortune to spend so much time training was a Luvdisc. I mean it wasn't a total waste of time, but I still didn't feel very accomplished with it.
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    Basic Guidelines for Reviewing/Fic Reviewers

    Re: Fic Reviewers Hello. I don't have any sort of requirement for a fanfic; I would be happy to read any sort of fan fiction (one that you yourself take seriously, mind you, because I have read people's who haven't . . .) and I think it'll give you an advantage if I review it because you'll get...
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    Lilly's Story

    Thanks a lot for the commentary! Criticism is also appriciated whenever and wherever!
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    Lilly's Story

    Hello! Would this be where I post a thread? I'm relatively new here...anyway, I've begun writing a "fan fiction" unknowingly three years ago, maybe when I was eleven (I'm fourteen now). It's nowhere near done, but I'm so proud of how far I've come that I'm dying to share it with the world! So if...
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    Lilly's Story

    Nah, this is just my idea, not the fanfic itself. After arguing with myself repeatedly over the past few hours today, I have finally agreed (yes, with myself) on something that will intertwine things even further . . . but I'm not sure if it's too spoiler-ish to post . . . oh well! You guys...
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    Did Pokémon change your life?

    This is very true for me, but the only difference is that I've stopped caring about other things! Pokemon has filled a very very large void in my life, and I'm always learning something new about it (Whether it's gaming or writing!) and I just can't imagine life without it.