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Recent content by littleyoshi

  1. L

    Pokemon YOU have a vendetta against

    If its FRLG i can understand because i`ve wasted plenty myself but Dusk/Heavy balls have really made catching legends easier in PtHGSS As for myself its Steven`s Cradily in Ruby
  2. L

    Pokémon Sunday and Oha Suta Discussion Thread

    Re: Pokemon Sunday Discussion Thread I` rather not have any of the mascots having any blue or red colour on them..They`ve been on almost one or the other cover poke(a shade of them atleast)
  3. L

    Why are Red and Steven still referred to as champions?

    Oak as the champion would`ve been very unexpected and awesome..Coming to the topic as many have suggested they may have just given up their positions and may not have legitimately lost the title in a battle
  4. L

    The most inappropriately typed Pokemon

    You do realize that gyara has superior attacking stats(physical) and pretty good defensive stats along with intimidate and a dual water/dragon STAB is only resisted by Empoleon which Gyara can pick off easily after a DD with EQ While i would love a Bug/Dragon i`d have to say that Flygon loves...
  5. L

    Gen V split from I - IV, role reversals

    I`m not against it but i don`t want people to take away the good points of the gen(any of them) just because they couldn`t use the same ol favourites to own the gym leaders like they always do
  6. L

    Rumored Pokémon and Prediction Thread

    Re: What new "kinds" of Pokemon do you predict? Well a Polar bear(haven`t read all pages so if suggested ignore this) and albatrosses,snow leopards etc..lol i`m suggesting only Ice types..Muskox and a lynx
  7. L

    Who deserves to be in the 6th slot during the Paul match in the league?

    I`d rather have him use a Salamence,a fully eveolved dragon
  8. L

    Fire-Type 5th Gen Predictions

    Point taken..But 12 of those are legends themselves and 14 ones were introduced in Gen 1 themselves but yeah,they seem to be taking the classic elements very seriously in their abundance(and psychic is not one of the classic elements)
  9. L

    Fire-Type 5th Gen Predictions

    Sorry but i don`t feel bad..I don`t like the Fire-type in general.Massively overrated by the fanbase and having very bad weaknesses. The reason for large no. of water types is that vast quantity of the world is made up of water bodies,followed by trees,fire (or a volcano) exists in a small...
  10. L

    Gen V Legendary Trio

    If they`re dragons then I`d have Rock/Dragon(defense oriented) Bug/Dragon(special oriented) Fighting/Dragon(physical)
  11. L

    Fire-Type 5th Gen Predictions

    I hope existing fire types are available ingame..growlithe,vulpix,magmar line etc..don`t care if they don`t have a single new fire-type in this game
  12. L

    Generation V Pseudo-Legendaries

    except that all of them except Altaria have perfect stat distribution and better attacking types than Grass. Water and Ground >>Grass.sad but true Flying gives them one immunity but makes weak to SR Dragon/Ground is undeniably the most attack oriented typing in game..Only thing that can surpass...
  13. L

    Do you think Jessie will continue with contests next generation?

    She should if they`re there and i hope there`s an upset in this GF and Jessie wins it:P
  14. L

    Generation V Pseudo-Legendaries

    Grass/Fighting--althought there`s breloom this can be done Electric/Rock Bug/Ice - although two double weaks,one can be negated to single weak with ability like heatproof,preferably the rock weakness Atleast GF should be unpredictable and give us a non dragon PL
  15. L

    New Pokémon RPG Announced: Possible Generation V game on its way

    Thats just my perception..I`m sorry if i stated it as a fact, but now after surpassing the GB sales figure,surpassing the PS2`s seems like the obvious move for them