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  • Good to see you're on Smogon's blacklist. I hope you weren't trading anything of mine there that was NR, cos if you were, you're going on my blacklist too.
    Yeah, that would be awesome! I have some other offers for cloning too. lol XD btw Did the forum go offline earlier? I was suppose to trade with another cloner today, but I couldn't get on the forum. :(
    Yeah, my birthday is today. XD I'll jold the giveaway today, but do everything Wednesday including cloning. Turns out that a few of my distant friends are here for it, so I'll be hanging out with them. ^^
    Not yet. I haven't been on cause I've been busy con preping. :) if it comes down to it I'll try to have them checked when I get back on Sunday.
    Hi, remember that Aipom you traded me? Could you do me a favor and change the name on it from all capitals to the properly capitalized version? I'd really appreciate it.
    Well, it's really just that you need to use a few periods here and there, even smileys will do as thought-breakers. really couldn't care less about apostrophes or capitals. Also, ya might wanna collect your thoughts a bit before you go off on a tangent. What specific post(s) led you to believe that shadow was running a scam?
    Hey Shadowjon, you wouldn't mind me checking the IVs of your pokemon, would you? all it takes is we go to the trade room, and I check the IVs, that's it. Seems rather fishy how you are offering these pokemon, and asking for IVs of other pokemon, yet you don't tell what their IVs are- I mean, I'm only trying to prevent scams against these people offering you their pokemon. Plus, how do you know their EVs? I mean, I could EV train pokemon, and say they been EV trained perfectly while that's far from the truth. I can also check their EVs, if you so wish.

    Please learn to type properly if you're going to write such a long rant about a possible(read: unlikely) scam. I have nothing against r+r, but it does hurt to read such awful grammar.
    hey shadowjon you wouldnt mind me checking the ivs of your pokemon all it takes is me and you to go to trade room and i check the ivs thats it seems rather fishy how you offering these pokemon and asking for iv's of pokemon yet you dont tell what there ivs are i mean im only trying to prevent scams against these people offering you there pokemon plus how do you know there evs i mena i could ev train poemon and say they been ev train perfectly while thats far from the truth i cn also check there evs

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