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  • Well, I'm not a Lolicore fan, but I do have some favorites who've dealt in the genre: I used to be a huge CDR fan, but now, it just seems he doesn't feel motivated to put in any effort. I love Hymen to death and I should probably see if I can't ask around for a copy of Chokebox, getting interested in Dissociative Children (I can't even open over half her discography--I don't have anything on my computer that can unpack a .rar file) and while I agree strongly with them as to which of their albums are tripe, I'll admit, when odaxelagnia wants to, they can bring the house down--Partycore was an awesome set, and Freakshow has to be their best work yet.
    Don't know snails. I'm only on the Iron Pony episode. I just got introduced to Scootaloo and sooo cuuute <3
    Actually I like all of them except Twilight and Rarity. I just love those three more than the others XD
    I don't.

    Rarity is my least favorite, have to break it to you. Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Apple Bloom always make me squee <3
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