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  • Oh as for the Sliggoo, just wondering how rare those are. I don't have any good shinies to trade you for it anyhow.
    Tried to PM you but I got the message: lonewolf900 has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space. I'm on now if you want to evolve those Pokes. Just send me a trade invite when you're good to go.
    Hey. Been online for a while now, but gotta go to bed. I'll catch you later then for those trades :)
    Hey there!

    I've added you and my 3DS is up and running again so here's my FC!: 4468-0966-0032!

    My FS is Water, with a Gyrados(don't know the rest yet, sorry) or so I'm told.

    After Noibat, Ditto, Togepi, Beldum, Froakie and Eevee.
    I've got your DWF Venonat, Grimer, Weedle, Seviper, Minccino, Woobat, and Mienfoo ready. My FC is 1077-8546-4918.

    I can trade from about 11 PM - 1 AM today/tonight (EST -5). Otherwise, I can be on from around 2-4 PM on Sunday. Would either time work for you?
    you were talking bout zekrom though. >.> and I never got the arceus for that event. :p
    If it could breed with anything at all then I could do it, but no can do. xD
    Oh her daddy was a kadabra. xD and joy I hafta wait till march for my togekiss. T^T
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