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  • I haven't reached far into the game to get Drampa, so unfortunately, can't do that for now.
    Thanks :) I'm doing well. How about you?

    How's the forum treating you? It seems a bit quieter and less immature than I recall. Or maybe that's me :p
    I'd totally feel nervous, too! Wow, I hope no one got hurt; those pressure cookers are no joke :x

    Haha, well if only the rich have them in your country, then of course it's going to used as a status symbol :p I don't think Apple products are synonymous with rich people here, though, because generally things are more affordable here (believe it or not).
    Things like the store "Whole Foods" and the college "Rollins" are synonymous with being rich XD ((Edit: Whoops! I meant in my state of Florida :sweatlol: although Whole Foods is a nationwide symbol.))

    Relying on oil is terrible :( There are so many other alternatives if governments wanted to invest in them...
    So does that go for all gaming consoles? Even Sony and Microsoft ones?

    97% o_O Why don't they just take your paycheck completely! Wow.
    Whelp, nevermind then :p
    Just put your desk waaaaay back, maybe in the middle or something.

    ...How does a pressure cooker even explode? What were you guys cooking? o_O

    lmao, hipsters, that's hilarious XD
    Apple is hugely popular in the United States, for those who can afford it (particularly their computers are very expensive, way more than a PC ever will be). If I want a Mac, I have to save up :d

    That's ridiculous! Why would they do that? What benefit do they get from putting such heavy restrictions on something like a gaming device? Geez, that's terrible. I'm sorry D:
    At least you're less likely to encounter heights on a daily basis, whereas I must always be vigilant something is not on fire...
    I've literally shut off the AC multiple times, fearing there was a fire and letting the temperature in the house climb very high. I've panicked in cars because I thought there was a fire under the hood, and machines bigger than me scare me (like AC, stove, refrigerator, etc.). I can be terrible sometimes o_O
    /life story you didn't ask for

    Too bad my PC is terrible, lmao. It can't even handle baby games. I can't wait to ditch it and buy a nice Mac (I have my eye on their biggest, baddest desktop<3).
    I never played Skyrim, but I like the unconventional characters (like alchemist, for example).

    Whhhaaaat! Why not? You need to get one in time for ORAS! I hope you get one soon, and when you do please message me your FC! :)
    Wow, that sounds very complex o_O I could never do something like that, haha~
    You're basically like a computer engineer, then.

    That's a nice vacation! Especially when you've been so busy studying and just want to relax.
    I have a real fire phobia man, if I saw smoke coming out of anywhere, I'd be having a panic attack ;w; I recently had a nightmare about a fire; me and fire just do not mix, lol.
    You know, I wanted to play Skyrim when I had a PS3 (I got rid of it cause it was being stupid and giving me problems and stuff), but unfortunately the PS3 version was the worst version with reportedly terrible game-breaking bugs :(
    I just love the concept of a game that's pretty much endless.

    Btw, have we exchanged FC's yet? Would you like to? :)
    You're welcome :3
    So what kind of job does that eventually lead to?
    Thank you c:
    What do you mean by destory it? And why is the vacation that long?
    Ahh, congrats! :)
    You were studying something in maths field...if I remember correctly, right?
    Lol, I haven't accomplished much, sorry :p I got worse, not better.
    Though I did get married shortly after I left this site, so there's something.
    I don't really use the 3D on the 3DS, but I still like it.:pThe 3D on the 3DS is like those two pictures that are drawn right next to each other, and your suppose to look in the middle to see the 3D, ya know?
    Well, if you do get a 2DS, I believe they have bags or cases for carrying it around.

    Okay! I don't really have a team on there so I'll just have to make one really quickly then. I've actually started competitively and breeding and training Pokemon on the cartridge (I chose Pokemon Y.), but I'm still trying to figure out what exactly should I do.
    Err, I don't quite get it. Like any old regular movie, or a movie that's specifically 3D. 'Cause there's an option to turn the 3D off.

    Also, this is random, but every once in awhile (pretty rarely though), I go onto Pokemon Showdown and do the random battle thing there.
    Yeah i wish so too

    I have been a pokemon since...
    Umm June 2013
    X and Y are my first games but i have played gen 5 games as well
    And the past generations have been experienced by me on Roms

    But i have watched the anime since i was 3(last year i came to know the franchise had games)
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