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Lord Kyuubi
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Jan 20, 2019 at 12:42 AM
Sep 22, 2013
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November 21

Lord Kyuubi

Apparently Ice-type now

*tumbleweed rolls through* Oct 29, 2016

Lord Kyuubi was last seen:
Jan 20, 2019 at 12:42 AM
    1. SylveonSparklit
      Hi, I wanna be your friend, the ninetales profile theme is cool :3 But I do hope you're a nice person. Sadly there are jerks in the pokemon community and x_x; they depress me.
      1. Lord Kyuubi
        Lord Kyuubi
        Hello! I'm not particularly active in the community these days, but either way, it's nice to meet you.
        Nov 8, 2018
    2. Lord Kyuubi
      Lord Kyuubi
      *tumbleweed rolls through*
    3. diamondpearl876
      Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for the vote for Survival Project!
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      2. diamondpearl876
        I wanted every pov to have a closing chapter. There is also a sequel in the works that will be posted probably in October.
        Jun 27, 2016
      3. Lord Kyuubi
        Lord Kyuubi
        That makes sense. Excited about the sequel - quite curious as to where you'll be going with it as well, most things seem to be rounding out quite nicely. I presume something in the next few chapters will help get it set up?
        Jun 27, 2016
      4. diamondpearl876
        It'll be very different from the original - a lot more plot, and probably darker. Not to mention my writing style's changed so much and I don't exactly know how that'll affect the story. And the story doesn't really set it up, actually... I didn't know I wanted to write the sequel until I already wrote SP. But there's definitely little things in SP that'll come back (like the mass magikarp capture, believe it or not, since you pointed it out in your review).
        Jun 27, 2016
    4. System Error
      System Error
      Hi I heard you need reviews or feedback or whatever because you weren't getting any reviews or feedback or whatever. I can give reviews or feedback or whatever.
    5. Arkadelphiak
      We are bad people! Noooo! And thanks! You'll make it through, don't you worry! (And don't feel guilty, I spent the night before two major exams tweaking minor details of my fic.)

      I've been doing well, getting lots of sleep. Oh, precious sleep. And my writing is doing well . . . though I'm at 63,820 words on my supporting document. Oops.
    6. Arkadelphiak
      I am a certified terrible person for not replying in forever. But I survived my freshman year of university/college/etc!!
    7. Lord Kyuubi
      Lord Kyuubi
      I just waffled about the weapons in a Fire Emblem trailer for hours, to the point that even Bulbagarden forgot I was online...

      And then, literally seconds after I finished, a translation was posted.
    8. Lord Kyuubi
      Lord Kyuubi
      Hmm, I just got a notification of a post quote, but it then turned out the message had been deleted. If whoever this was reads this, can you please inform me what it was I've missed, or at least why it has apparently gone away so I can't know? Ta.
    9. Lord Kyuubi
      Lord Kyuubi
      This is a note to remind my forgetful self to review Survival Project sometime. To be honest, the review probably won't be worth it, as much as I like the story, but I did say I would do. So I'd better get around to it.
    10. Arkadelphiak
      AW YISS

      *I will reply properly to this later . . . it's hell week!!!!!!!!
    11. Lord Kyuubi
      Lord Kyuubi
      A general rule I've found with the Bulbagarden Writer Chat thread - if the conversation ever stalls or stops, ask how everyone's stories are going, and then something else will be found to talk about. Maybe. I'll have to wait to see if it works first, but the test has begun.

      It sort of worked.
    12. Th!nkPi
      I'm sure, I'm sure! I'm more interested in seeing poets torture themselves with creative choices hehehe
    13. Th!nkPi
      Hi Lord Kyuubi! I've been out a few weeks due to personal reasons, but I wanted to formally thank you for welcoming me into your community. I'm back and I hope to log in routinely. I have a bad habit of forgetting to check in with new communities I visit...but I'm looking for a quaint place to just be myself, write poetry, and meet other poets and writers. It's a pleasure to meet you! While I don't need a tour of the torture chamber, it's oddly reassuring to know we have one xD I look forward to meeting everyone in the writing community. Have a wonderful day~
    14. Vivillon
      Well, I just realized that we can just have an ongoing match. You can take up to three days per move if you need to. Want to just do that?
    15. Vivillon
      So, would you like to play a game of chess now? If not, we can set a time if you like.
    16. Arkadelphiak
      No worries, I have sporadic time intervals of absence due to ACADEMIC MISERY, but that's another story in itself.

      Yes. Yes, I like the way you think. But if we chose a name not directly tied to myself, then it could draw on a theme to represent the cause.

      We are the Founding Fanfictioneers, so you are my Vice President. Not sure on the Pokemon yet . . . maybe Smeargle? For the artistic aesthetic? And of course, little kids definitely can't be trusted. That's canon.
    17. Lord Kyuubi
      Lord Kyuubi
      So I just posted a blog, which isn't something I ever expected to do, except that I'm not sure it's posted properly. It doesn't seem to be showing up where the recent blogs normally do, which I guess means it hasn't posted? I really don't know. To be honest, this forum, and the internet in general just confuses me much more than it should do.

      Edit: Breaking News: it posted. I think I told it to go into a category, aptly named 'Kyuubi says some things', but I don't think it has done so yet.
    18. Arkadelphiak
      Oh no. This is a pressing issue. However, if we have jurisdiction over the interwebs, then common trope rules need not apply.

      Of course. We need some form of unethical backing in order to succeed in this world!
    19. Arkadelphiak
      That is excellent. I hereby dub you Lieutenant Kyuubi. It seems that I fit the "Melancholic" one, so that's good.

      YES. This is how Team Rocket was set up. I would know, because I'm 12.5% rocket scientist.
    20. Lord Kyuubi
      Lord Kyuubi
      I've now had four friend requests, probably as many post quotes, a couple of likes and a mention in the past few minutes. Not sure I've ever been this popular!
      This was going to end up on my userpage at some point, given my usual standards, so I might as well post it now.

      Somewhat belated edit: It changed to six shortly after posting this. And more of everything else too. Definitely my popularity high-point.
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  • About

    November 21
    Favorite Region:
    Sinnoh / Shin'ō
    Favorite Pokémon Type:
    Pokémon Showdown Username:
    Lord Kyuubi
    I'm a writer who happens to also like gaming and swordfighting. That's about it really. What, don't try telling me you actually came here expecting me to be interesting.

    Should probably get around to taking another look at my details here sometime, but never mind. It's not like anyone's actually here reading them.
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