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Recent content by Lord Reshiram

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    What should the next pair of games be called?

    How about Pokemon Beige?
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    Simple Questions and Answers Thread for BST! (Read First Post)

    I believe just the mega stone is banned, so it is probably possible.
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    Create your own held item

    try it for yourself, regardless of the description i am quite sure that you can use a move straight after.
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    Create your own held item

    I remember using it with Heliolisk, and it charges on the next turn allowing it to use another move straight away. I'm pretty sure it still works like that.
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    Create your own held item

    A power Herb works like this.
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    Sinnoh in the Mega-verse.

    Knowing Game Freak, they'd probably put something in about Arceus and some special new whizmo that lets it do a thingy similiar to mega evolution.
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    Bulbagarden Battle League: Season 3 [CLOSED]

    Re: Bulbagarden Battle League: Season 3 [START] Ah, Might as well sign up. 3ds FC: 2809-9008-4037 Pokemon Showdnown Username: RPJ
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    Favorite and Least Favorite Game to Replay

    My Favourite would have to be Black2 or White 2 because: 1. Challenge mode. I actually thought that this was one of the best ideas in a game, and if you transfer it from Black 2, you can play with it right from the start. 2. Massive Pokedex. There was so much variety in the sequels so that you...
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    Coolest Pokemon cries?

    Vicinti, Zorua, Samurott, Virizion, Reshiram. But the there is Cobalion. That is brililliance.
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    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    Re: Pokemon OR/AS DexNav It could be possible, but then again, due to the item you may not find it. From what I've seen online it doesn't look like it either
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    HA Unova Starters?

    I wish samurott had gotten weak armor, it would have made it just that bit more usable.
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    Rival Showdown! Who's your favorite rival?

    This is due to the flashy new design, and everyone knows kids like flashy new designs.
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    HA Unova Starters?

    Ah, okay, Ill test it for a while, see how it goes with my team.
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    HA Unova Starters?

    I know theyve been released, but what are theyre movesets like? I ve got some idea but correct me (and add to stuff) where neccessary: Serperior Contrary Choice Scarf 4 HP/ 252 SPATK/ 252 SPEED Leaf Storm Dragon Pulse ? ? Emboar Reckless ? 252 HP/252 ATK/4 DEF Head Smash...
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    Spoilers So...is there anyone who DIDN'T like Zinnia?

    Zynnia was just a stepping stone in my journey to catching Deoxys.