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  • Hey,

    I'm free to help evolve your pokemon, and need to evolve my own shelmet, so it's perfect timing.:) I also need to evolve a gurdurr if you have an extra few seconds.
    Same here.
    I started out with Pokemon. It's been my fave since I was basically 2 years old. xD me and my cousin would watch Pokemon together when our gramma babysat us.

    I used to look at the KH commercials and be like..
    "wow, what a stupid MMORPG. bad graphics. disney. Fail."

    But I know it's not an MMO now, and I have CoM and it's really fun. :D
    Ever since I've found out about KH being this awesome game and all, I've really wanted to get a PSP and play BBS and then the KH1 and 2. (I like playing things in order. BBS is a prequel, so yeah.)
    KH is slowly replacing my love for the poke's.. D:
    I'm connected on wi-fi now =3

    *Edits* well I have to go now so I guess we'll have to do the trade some other time then...
    Ok so Saturday 9pm for you and 9am for me ^^ ? (Just to confirm the hour =3. However, if you really prefer 8pm (your time), then just tell me and I'll try to wake up at 8 like I did this morning x3)
    Ponyta's stats =3 :
    - Ability: ... Run Away (I know, it's not the most useful >-<;; )
    - level : 18
    - moves: tackle, growl, tail whip, ember (as I said, untouched ^^)

    Do you want the IV as well? o.o I could check them with the IV calculator on Serebii... o3o

    [Oh God I just realised the huge time difference between our countries. I checked the time difference between Canada and the Philippines... so Philippines is 12 hours ahead of Canada (where I live). XD I could be awake at your 8pm, since it'd be 8AM for me here... but it'd probably be easier for me to get up at 9AM, your 9PM >_<;;]

    My Friend Code:
    Naiya: 2320 3693 4655
    I'm sorry, I already have a shiny shinx >_<;; (just not a spare one, that's why there aren't any for up for trades). The ones I already have, apart from those that I have up for trades, are shinx, smoochum, mareep, togepi and larvitar... =/
    Next I got a shiny Makuhita in my Sapphire in the Granite Cave. When I played Emerald I got a Shiny Oddish (made it a Vileplume) and a Shiny Torkoal. In Leaf Green my first Rattata I saw was a Shiny and was part of my Main Team. And in my Diamond I found a Shiny Cherubi.

    The Best Experience I had with a Shiny Pokemon was with a Exeggcute in Leaf Green as well.

    I see you have many shinies =] Is there a way I could trade for any of your shinies or clone them so i could have one, request what you would like!
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