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  • So you like Maxie?
    Have you notice the new character designs in ORAS? No, Shelly's shirt isn't revealing enough, lol, Courtney is more modest.
    Sadly, we only get wet snow, that only place in Israel where dry snow falls is Mt Hermon.
    You like snow? So do I! Visit Kiruna, Sweden, snow sticks from late September to mid-May; you know, taiga, what is also called boreal forest or snow forest, so you'll see a lot of fir trees, aka real Christmas trees, it's a place where it's always Christmas.
    But winters in Jerusalem do fall below +10c in daytime on a regular basis and snow also occurs from time to time, pretty mild (I seldom wear more than a T here) but still to cool to be considered tropical; our Latitude is 31N.
    We're expecting +35c and sun this Friday, and take in account this is one of the cooler places in Israel; there are places in Israel it's virtually impossible to stay sane without air conditioning, not to mention it doesn't rain at all in summer, the skies can be almost completely clear from May to September straight; in short, come over here and you'll learn to appreciate a rainy day.
    And as scary this may sound, temperatures on the unexplored Antarctic plateau can dive to -100c, which is about as cold as planet Mars gets, but then again, there is a reason no animals live in inland Antarctica.
    I think in several years age the whole of the UK was buried in snow for Christmas, so I does snow sometimes, but not as much as, say, Kiruna or Tromsoe.
    Fix me if I'm wrong, but you don't get severe winters over there, right? I mean, you don't dive far below freezing or get months of snow and ice, don't you?
    How do ethnic Indonesians even look like?
    Where do I get the Blastoise Mega stone and can you give me a random Modest Squirtle?
    That was on a neo-Nazi website, I actually tried to be reasonable with these scum but they seem to be biased to the bone; look at Stormfront.org, those White nationalists websited are full of dump Hitler worshipers. Sadly, 90 % of Polish Jews are eliminated in the holocaust, not to mention Nazi crimes against ethnic Poles too.
    And I'm learning for a first degree in history myself.
    I know a lot of Soviet and Polish Jews fled to Israel in pursuit of freedom of religion after the State was created. I'm very interested in history, so I usually look up stuff like this.

    They don't have an opinion on me, mostly. I've been racially shouted at once, and he was very drunk, not to mention his friends soon apologized to me profusely. So long as you respect the British values, cultures and traditions, and not shove your own traditions in their face, they accept you. I feel more accepted here than I am back home actually, since I come from a, for a lack of a better word, persecuted ethnic minority in Indonesia. Here I'm given a chance to be 'British', which I gladly accept.

    That's.... an interesting read. There are extremists and racists everywhere you are, no matter what your background is. I wouldn't be surprised if there's black KKK members.

    That must've sucked man. Best you can do is usually just ignore people like that, most of the internet ones are just looking for attention anyways.
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