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  • I read your post in the "Generation 7 Confirmed" thread that you lost your items. Mind that I help you get another Strange Souvenir for you to keep?
    I don't know that I'm that easily to be ignored. But I guess people just blind or feel save to neglect instead of try to solve their different.
    Hey lov! Nice to see you back around!

    There's a TWR-based game in The War Room that only needs one more person to start, I was wondering if you were interested.
    I'm only open this forum through tapatalk so I tend to be 'annoying' in answering status update. And as you may know I can show and disappeared anytime, anywhere, without any words/announcement.

    Just think of me as a very windy person... lolz
    I've never used tapatalk. xD And it's fine, just get back when you can! I'm really bad at answering VMs on the new forum too (just ask Freesia) so I understand. And yeah; as per your last disappearance, where DID you go, if you don't mind me asking? Did life just get in the way?
    Hmmm.. It's just less and less of hype and things to be talked here. RM seems always active but since people usually sleep when I'm awake and they're awake when I'm sleep so I need to waste lots of sleeping time to chat with them, which won't be good for me in long term. But generally I will back cause I really like to be here. I kinda tempted to apply as mod now, but generally not really sure too. Hahaha..
    Hey did you want a nickname for mawile? And let me know when you can trade as well. :)
    Your opinions are really sound and good, but I feel your opinions are quite long for the purpose of the article, so is it possible to make it shorter so that it is a paragraph long? Or would it be alright if I pick out the parts so that it is shorter?
    I prefer general comments, because a lot of comments I received are competitive-related, so I actually prefer any that are not related competitively.

    Also, yes, please do the Chansey family. It should be a paragraph long, so your opinion should consist of about 3 - 5 sentences.
    I am currently progressing with my Normal-type reviews, and one component that I added is quotes from other people about Normal-type families. Do you have any particular Normal-type families you would want to do?

    Available: Arceus, Azurill, Bidoof line, Chansey line, Ditto, Fletchling, Glameow line, Lickitung line, Miltank, Smeargle, Stantler, Swablu, Teddiursa line

    Sorry if this request seems abrupt.
    I try to avoid posting on my phone for those kinds of games anyway, timing it before I leave for work and after I get home. I'm just a little forgetful sometimes and, a little more often than I would care for, my Internet conks out.
    Apologies, almighty kitty. My internet spontaneously fried and I was scrambling. I will use your tip for future phone posts.
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