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  • Hi lovandra! I see you're interested in joining The Wash. Before I let people in, I usually ask a couple of questions just to make things fair.

    1. Why are you interested in joining The Wash?

    2. Will you be active and join in with out conversations on a regular basis?

    Thanks in advance!
    I'm doing fine. I was wondering where you were. It would've been nice if you would've told me before you left. How are you?
    Hello. Just dropping by to say hi!
    I noticed you are from Indonesia. I used to stay there for three years. Lovely country!
    Thats a great idea! Just keep in mind that you cant trade away your starter, and that you might have to do at least some short basic battles to if you want to evolve your Pokemon. You may also have to battle a bit in order to earn money to spend in the National Park Store, which is where you buy items to prepare for a journey through the National Park--the RP section. If you wanna learn more about the Park, you should visit the last 3 threads on this page. If there's any other questions, just let me know! Hope you enjoy the Park! =D
    ninja'd by Morru lol but yeah that's pretty much the gist of how to get a Battle started. In URPG, your Pokemon start out with all moves they can learn through level-up and can use all of these moves in any battle. You can buy Extra Moves (TMs, HMs, Move Tutor Moves, Egg Moves etc.) as well as Hidden Abilities, held items and evolution stones in the Mart. When you start a battle, you make some rules and then send your moves! Rules are things like how many Pokemon each side will use, what the weather or terrain will be like to start, whether or not accuracy-lowering moves, or one-hit-knock-out moves will be allowed, and whether or not you'll send your moves to the referee privately, or take turns sending them publicly. I know this is a lot to take in ^-^; The best way to learn is to start up a battle with someone and learn as you go! :)
    Welcome to URPG :) Saw you started with Vulpix, awesome choice! I hope you enjoy URPG as much as I have (and still do!) :D

    And about battling, I see swift has told you below how to get opponents. For forum battles, once you have an opponent to battle with, one of you makes a thread here. Once you post a thread, you wait for a Referee to start reffing your battles. For AIM battles, you ask around if a Referee is available for reffing, and battle in a chat room.
    It would probably be a good idea to evolve your starter to its highest stage. =] Battling is a great way to earn money in URPG, and you can use it to buy items, moves, and even more Pokemon! To look for an opponent on the forums, you can post over in Trainer Station to find an opponent. You could also download AIM, or Skype and then post your username here so you can be added to the URPG chats and battle in real-time! Hope this was helpful, and if you have any other questions I'm always here! =D
    hey there! Just wanted to welcome you to URPG! :D If you have any questions at all feel free to ask me and I'll do my best to help! =] Hope you have fun!
    I just want to go to Indonesia. I don't care if it's just in the middle of nowhere. I just want to go to Indonesia. I also want to go to Germany. I have a reason for that, though.

    I wish it would rain more here. I like the rain.
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