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  • It's OK, now we should go on since we are either 2-1 or 2-2.
    This game needs some strategy to pull off xD
    I looked, but most of the people I talk to normally were already nominated so I didn't know who to nominate. Still, thanks! I guess I'll go play it.
    I think you'll find it easy enough.
    As long as just RainbowCloud and Markos are the only ones around in-thread, better not try to down them anymore.
    I can't keep up, and if it's just you downing you will help them with your ping-ponging.
    Thanks for nominating me in Kingdom of Pokemon! That's what you did, right? I don't think I've ever been nominated before.
    Not sure if you found anyone else to ask yet, but I'm available if you need to ask a question about a game. :)
    Hey there. I saw your post in Random Message Issue #11 asking who the moderators are in Fun and Games.

    The section is headed by Bouffalant Herdier, and the other moderators are Kakuna Matata, Caprizant, Enzap, and Scarlet Sky.
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