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Recent content by lovandra

  1. lovandra

    What is the User Above Known For?

    Know for their sketchy acts.. or arts.. anything possible
  2. lovandra

    Generation VII confirmed!

    I hope Strange Souvenir don't play a major role on SM. Or if soo, we can also get them easily from the game. Cause I just reset my X game for my brother and lost my items and I doubt my brother will talk enough to the tourist to get it T.T and I simply don't have luxury to replay it again...
  3. lovandra

    Character customization

    I still think that just a glitch during the translation from Japanese version to US version... maybe... Cause: Japanese version: US video: Except for the shirt obvious different color the color for other things on the video also different.. So I think that just a color mistake due to...
  4. lovandra

    Generation VII Legendary Pokemon Discussion

    I finally captured maybe the Lunaala signature move... from various videos?... I think.. just aware of this after I see my screenshoot captures... Such a beauty....
  5. lovandra

    Generation VII confirmed!

    Now I'm almost certain that the bird will be based on Yellow/Red Cardinal Bird that I heard pretty common on Hawaii
  6. lovandra

    How will Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon effect the anime?

    Beside, the trailer's boy choose Litten so I think they plan to give it to Ash, or our new male protagonist if they changed him...
  7. lovandra

    Sun or Moon?

    I will get both, play Sun first and let my Bro play the Moon. Move all the pokemon to my Pokebank after we are done and EXCHANGE... XD
  8. lovandra

    What Was the Last Thing You Searched On the Internet?

    Rowlet and I found this less than a day the info out and someone already make their plushie!!!!!
  9. lovandra

    Generation VII confirmed!

  10. lovandra

    Generation VII confirmed!

    I think our 'major' rival is our other self. I recall in the girl fight, we fight a stronger type... but that happen on 2 scenes so.. not really sure...
  11. lovandra

    Trailers and News Discussion

    5 days actually... less than a week... but still....
  12. lovandra

    Trailers and News Discussion

    If you live in Europe, it will be perfect XD
  13. lovandra

    Generation VII confirmed!

    Diving will be back... And it will be better than on ORAS... XD
  14. lovandra

    Trailers and News Discussion

    I thought I put it already[emoji14]