• Snowy goes in for a rematch against Nessa. Will the tides turn in his favor, or will he get dragged under by the current? Watch here to find out.
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  • It'd be great if you did join, but I'm really just testing the waters to make sure it would be worth the effort, srring how much overlap there is between the pokemon and D & D fanbases.
    Hey, I'm just testing the waters to make sure it'd be worth a shot, would you join an RP where it was like Dungeons and Dragons and you had to roll a random number generator
    Well, if that's what you want, then I reccomend you make your character a higher-up in the FBI, possibly in charge of the Quista opperation?

    Oh, and Skype would be the easiest; you just download it, and make an account. IMing would be much easier than... well... this xD
    You don't have to have a Quista; I just assumed you'd want one, considering how well you played it last time. But, it's your call, dude.

    Oh, and do you have anything that would allow us to talk wasier, like MSN, or Skype?
    I've been thinking, and I remembered how fun Quista was when we did it. I've deided to give public Sign-Ups another chance, before resorting to a PRP, and I'd like you to be Co-GM. That means we could discuss plot points and sich together, and you'd have the authority to ban people/move things along if I'm not there. Do you accept? :p
    That wasn't me. That was Anon cos he was tryna figure out if it was you cos he thought the dude in the pic was fit. Then it turned out it was you.


    I think he's gonna kill me if he hasn't seen this already. Oh dear...
    Oi mate, sorry I flipped out at you whenever it was. No idea why I did that. Please accept my apology so that if you join Anon's Quista RP things won't be awkward and because of the fact that getting pissed off by your comment was all in vain cos I'm now racist to myself cos I find it jokes? *Sweatdrop*
    No it is floating towards the Twilight Prince, I thought that was obivous. He's stealing Amber's pokeballs which she placed on her belt since she's wearing jeans, but she doesn't notice they are floating
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