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  • Hey! Are you free to trade those pokes you transferred for me? xD I'm ready whenever you are =p
    Aww, that's nice of you :)
    Yeah, I saw! Thank you ^_^
    I haven't really had the time to amend things in my shop or complete the orders I have already received, so when I get around to that I will add you as an affiliate! Let me know if you need help filling any random natured shiny orders :B
    Don't they take forever (specific natures)? I hate doing them, lol. I'll edit you into my shop soon =D

    Really? You can help me? Awesome >^0^< There's quite a few I want to transfer. Some that are ready and some that aren't :x
    But thank you very much! This is *really* going to help me ^w^

    A shiny Wooper? Well, that would depend. Is it Gen4 or Gen5? Since I could RNG one shiny in Gen4, but not yet in Gen5. I think I'm going to try RNG IV breeding soon oO
    Yeah, that's fine you can hang onto them until tomorrow, I don't need them tonight. Thanks for doing this btw =)
    Yes I have your diamond, but whats your white? I don't think it's on your profile lol. My White FC is 2666 1698 3401
    Sure! =) My Soul Silver FC is on my profile if you still don't have it (Sorry I'm too lazy to look myself.. xD) I'll go to the wi-fi room now! =)
    you must be psychic :), will ask badal, but sure, it should be fine, would you like to become a part of our affailates?
    I'm alright, how are you? ^^
    I don't mind at all! We could be affiliates =D I advertise your shop and you advertise mine~ I wouldn't mind being an employee in your shop, so long as I don't have to RNG specific natured Pokemon and I'm given enough time to complete the order. The last 3 weeks of this semester are really hard, and I'm going crazy @[email protected]
    Alright, that's fine =) I am available tonight too, or tomorrow, or whenever is good for you, idc! =D
    Okay, I have 6 pokes I want transferred, is that alright? And if you can, we can trade now, my Soul Silver FC is on my profile =)
    sorry everyone my internet was down and i just got back on i had the occasional status check though but now im ready to trade but will be offline shortly
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