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Recent content by Lugnut

  1. L

    VG Weekly Poll #52 Which Region's Gym Leaders do you want to rebattle the most?

    I know I just battled them in HG/SS, but I'm ready for Kanto's leaders. They are just a fun assortment of people, but to be honest its because of Erica. Back in the days of RBY, she was my girl...
  2. L

    Poll: Favorite Evil Team Boss

    I agree. He wasn't really sucessful, but he was at least dedicated to his bonkers plan. That makes him cool in my book
  3. L

    Which Games do you own a Physical Copy of?

    I have everything except for firered, pearl, emrald, and soulsilver. I have been thinking about going for the full set, but I'm happy with what I've got
  4. L

    What time did you go to bed last night and wake up this morning?

    You guys.... I went to bed at 10:45pm and got up at 7am. Thats pretty natural for me too.
  5. L

    What system will you play BW2 on?

    3DS fo sho. I might use my DSi for some trades, but my 3DS is almost always with me now.
  6. L

    What video games are you playing now?

    Pokemon Conquest. I love it! I feel good though, I've been googling the names of the warlords to find out who they were in real life, so its kinda educational.
  7. L

    How do you play in-game

    I always use Pokemon that I like, but I also try to get a variety of types or movesets. I seem to always have a water type and carry my starter through to the end of the game.
  8. L

    VG Weekly Poll #44 Will you be purchasing Pokémon Conquest?

    Already got it! I didn't bother with a pre-order, but I did get it on tuesday. SRPGs are my weakness. I'm not really the best at them, but they are just sooooo much fun. I've spent way too much time looking at game over screens in Disgea and Advanced Wars...
  9. L

    Do you have a 3DS already ?

    I was an early adopter, so I gladly got the free games. Other than those the only 3DS games I currently own are Pokemon rumble and Mario Kart... I mostly use it to play the regular DS pokemon games. That will change soon though.
  10. L

    VG Weekly Poll #43 Favourite Water-type starter?

    Oshawott. Once the little guy reaches his final form though, all bets are off...
  11. L

    Hikari/Dawn to appear; participating in World Tournament

    Re: Hikari/Dawn to appear; in what capacity unknown Dat picture! The sumg little look on Piplups face is hilarious! I love it!
  12. L

    VG Weekly Poll #39 Would you agree with paid DLC in Pokémon?

    No, not a chance. I've liked the fact that nintendo games don't use DLC up until this point. The main thing I could see them selling is the event pokemon, which I would rather just keep getting for free. In fact, most things are better when they don't cost money.
  13. L

    Which pokemon game did you have the most fun with?

    Re: Which pokemon game did u have the most fun with? I would have to go with Ruby. I liked the visual change from GSC. I can still remember the first time a cloud passed over a puddle of water. After that, there were lots of great little things like secret bases and contests. Even the water...
  14. L

    LT Weekly Poll #15 Do you want your Pokémon to follow you again?

    I liked it in HG/SS, and I would like to see it again sometime. Even if it was just an option it would be cool to see it back.
  15. L

    What is your favourite generation, and why?

    Gen IV. Platinum was my game, and I sunk a lot of time into it (the most of any other so far). It was also a great time to be a pokemon fan. Other than the craze durring Gen I, I feel like IV had better spin-off games, more manga (translated), and better anime than the other gens. Due to alot of...