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  • Was going to quote this from you on the "Best Wishes 2" thread, but the thread was locked, so I have to quote it to you here

    I don't want the beasts having another arc. I hate them and their design and their new design.
    But I love this news. love love love it. I'm just surprised they didn't wait Ash battle all 8 badges.

    And I'd like Ash to get a Riolu, but it seems to me Riolu is there just to make the point old pokémon are gonna be in Unova.
    I agree, at this point, Ash is most highly unlikely going to get a Riolu, any Pokemon he will catch in BW2 will most likely be a Gen 5 Pokemon, Gligar was only caught in DP as an excuse to get Gliscor, which was a Gen 4 Pokemon

    If anything, it would be the closest Pokemon in Gen 5 to Riolu, which is Mienfoo
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