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  • Hehehe, nice. That's a good job imo. Discounts on tasty Starbuck's stuff. :D
    So, you've gotten used to the caffeine? Being tired while working frequently... that sucks.
    :O COFFEE... is it a Starbucks? No... you probably would have said Starbucks instead of a coffee shop.
    Gotta be making bank. I would think you would get paid more for more hours. :x
    Drink dat caffinated coffee when you're tired. XD
    Boy, that sounds busy/difficult. :eek: How's college going? I've found that a good way people in college have fun is to play dungeons and dragons like once a week. That's rather complicated and time consuming though. ._.
    That's good. Christmas is always nice...
    How about New Years? XD Feels like that was quite a while ago, but I remember I stayed up until 12:00 and watched the ball in New York drop.:)
    Haven't heard from you in a while. If you aren't really checking your vms like last time, I don't expect a reply... but how was your Christmas?
    OK, I'm ready (I'll be in the room in a minute). btw the Caterpie is shiny with HP ice 70.
    Edit: Alright, I hope you like my perfect PCP. You're welcome.

    Your SID is 43415... (lol)
    I guess. Still eating but w/e. Lemme just get my stuff and ill be in the room in 5-10 mins.
    Edit: I could throw in a perfect modest caterpie if you want. I don't think they are useless lol.
    Okay, thats 11:30 for me. I can probably get up around 10:00 CST and get on around 11:00 CST or so.
    Sigh, I've been busy and I can't trade until Wednesday, but you still want the pichu right (and the swablus... how many do you want)? If you can what time?
    sry, my brother returned from the navy yesterday... Boy was I busy.

    Edit: FC: 1634 5644 0067
    When can you trade tomorrow? I'll try to be on most of the day to check if or when you are on
    So can you be on around 5:00-7:00 EST? I can trade then. I also can give you clones of your shiny swablu.
    Ouch... I would suicide if my game broke(jk). Well, they should have given you your pokemon from the other file. You still want the perfect PCP right?
    I just RNG'd my first perfect pokemon, a jolly pichu (the PCP) with 31 IVs in every stat except special attack. I'm just so happy, that I want to share it with you! (becuase you are my friend XD)

    Unless your game isnt working DX.
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